zombie shooting games Dead Among Us Review

The Dead Among Us is a zombie shooting games and all about surviving in the world that has been overrun by zombies. The world changed forever when a deadly virus called Ceres was unleashed after an explosion occurred at the Heckle Corporation’s Cell Research Unit. Once people encountered Ceres they eventually turned into flesh-eating creatures that were no longer human and had no souls. They were everywhere.

Soon their kind began to spread and billions of people were infected everywhere. Only a hand full of survivors were left. Many of them gave up hope and descended into a sickening depravity; others united to retake the planet from the zombie scourge. One of those people is an archery champion who has teamed up with a group of scientists and survivors. He leads his team on a quest to restore the Earth’s remaining humanity. His team is the best hope that the world has for survival.


This is the background to the first person zombie shooter game (shooting zombies) known as the Dead Among Us. This game uses single handed control for shooting and eliminating enemies. Unlike most other zombie games where a person can use a gun or a sword to smash zombie’s brains; players use a bow and arrows to get rid of them. This game is fairly simple to play and requires players to navigate through a city to find various ingredients that will be used to create an anti-virus to get rid of zombies.


Dead Among US requires players to complete 95 quests from 10 unique and challenging locations. The game has been designed with stunning 3D graphics and players will have to fight from at least 10 different challenging and unique locations. Players will also be able to upgrade their bow and arrows to improve their kill ratio of zombies. Upgrading weaponry will also help players to take down some of the more aggressive zombie monsters in the game.

Players can also get power up and special bonuses such as radar which will keep track of zombie movement and their locations. There is also slow time which forces the zombies to move in slow motion. This bonus will allow players to get out of tight situations they might encounter with zombies and kill shots which will take down any zombie with one shot. Keep in mind that the stronger zombies will not die with one shot. There are many more surprises and rewards that people can use in this game.

Game Play

When the game starts off, players will be given simple missions to protect people. If they are able to they will be given rewards such as money or power-ups. As the game advances the missions become harder to complete. Players will use their bow and arrow to shoot at zombies from a safe distance when they start the game. As it progresses, they will have to fight the zombies up close and personal with their bows. In order to shoot the zombies, a player will have to take the time to locate them on the screen. This is not always an easy thing to do. Once a quest has ended information about its success will be presented on screen and rewards will be paid accordingly.


At this point, a player can go the bow shop to upgrade their weapon and to get more  arrows. Users should not forget that there is a crosshair feature on their bow that will  allow them to zoom in on their targets. They can also go to a special shop to get extra  equipment and items. They will then receive their next mission from headquarters and  then continue the game. Do not forget that players have different levels for in-game quests such as “star”, “regular” and “challenge”.

Keep in mind that the action also picks up as the game advances. A player’s special abilities (such as slow motion and kill shot) will also appear on the bottom of the screen. Players can simply tap on them to use that particular power. Dead Among Us is an original zombie game. While it is not the best zombie title ever invented it can keep players busy for hours on end fighting against the horde of the dead.


Dead Among Us Game Play Trailer