Xenoblade Chronicles X: Survival Guide Gameplay

In this first guide Xenoblade Chronicles X Discover Mira, the unknown planet 400 km² on which crashed to the last human survivors.


A week is what separates us from the release of the next (and highly anticipated) title on the Wii U: Xenoblade Chronicles X. On this occasion, the chain official YouTube Big N has posted yesterday a first video ” survival guide “to introduce you to the gameplay and the world in which you will have to evolve in a few days.

In this video, so you discover Mira and New Los Angeles, last place of the survival of human civilization. So urban scenery NLA or prevailing order, security and modernity rub shoulders wilderness and always dangerous Mira. You will also learn more about the different classes that make up the team of Blades, this group of soldiers guarantors of security and protection of humanity.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Video is almost 8 minutes is available: