Ubisoft confident about future securities

It was during the quarterly financial videoconferencing Investor Ubisoft has decided on the future of two key  licenses

It is during this quarterly report that the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot spoke about Far Cry: Primal and The Division. The whole, with supporting figures.

As for Far Cry: Primal figures are indeed impressive and to delight investors:

  • The trailer of Far Cry: Primal has been viewed over 16 million times in ten days. Making him the second most watched trailers from Ubisoft.
  • The return of players and fans about the time travel of the franchise in the Stone Age was “extremely positive” so far.
  • According to Nielsen (note: specialist audience measurement), purchase intentions for the first Primal marketer week are 60% higher than for Far Cry 4
  • Everything is going “extremely well.” The game is “beautiful gameplay worked with.” Ubisoft has not shown at E3 because the list of games on display at the show was already long, but we can “expect a fantastic game”

The Division on there, too, there is cause for celebration. The launch of this new license harvest a lot of laurels:

  • The Division has won more than 100 nominations and awards.
  • He regularly holds a special place in purchase intentions at GameStop
  • Retailers say Ubisoft “have a strong confidence in this game” and they will provide all the necessary support for the launch.
  • Ubisoft expects that players are “very happy” when they try the beta of the game.
  • Game development is happening “for the better”. The quality is “at a very high level”

In short, comments that could hardly be otherwise to assure shareholders that their money was in good hands. Remains to be seen what the future holds for these two key licenses.