Clash Of Clans The Best Online Game For Mobile

Clash of Clans The Best Online Game For Mobile

This article will give you the most detailed and effective strategy guide to play clash of clans online. When you start playing Clash of Clans the Game, you have to start with 500 gems. At the end, you end up losing nearly 50 gems to complete the structure directly as instructed by the tutorial. If you do not save your gems, you will be able to add additional builder faster.

Related to Clash of Clans Online Game, one of the biggest mistakes new players make is not to consider the cost of the units that are used to fight. The Giants are great as they cost a lot of use of the barbarians in. At the highest level, the Dragons are great, but they cost a lot of use of the Giants. There is also the time factor to consider. While the wizards are more powerful than the Archers, they not just more expensive to make, but each processor takes 8 minutes. At the same time, you can make four shooters in less than two minutes.As a result, when your main goal is to save up resources, you need to use cheap unit that is fast to produce. The best unit to make depends on your Town Hall level.


Just like units, spells are very expensive and take some time to produce. While they can be very effective, you need to make sure you’re fighting a battle the use of such spell. You should know that rage spell begins to 23,000 elixir and the healing spells begins at 15,000 elixir; every time you use these spells, you need to ensure that the use of spells will allow you to get the at least an extra 15K or 23K sources. The Town Hall looting punishment is one of the most important things to know about Clash of Clans Online Game, but they are not advertised openly in the feature game. It was not even mentioned that during the tutorial or in any place in the game, but it is very important to how the game plays out.


This penalty decrease the loot you can get them from the enemy as long as you town hall is the higher level than you city hall opponent. If the Town Hall is one level higher than your enemy, you will be able to steal 90% of amount available for looting only. If your town hall is two levels higher, you will be able to steal 50% of the stolen items only. During the three levels, it is only 25%. For the levels of 4 or more, it is only 5% of the total available assets. This is reflected in the punishment Lot available. You do not have to do the calculations themselves. As a result, you should get up to the City Hall level 4, and then sit in this range during the maximum of your defensive structure, and military camps and your research. You can even maximize your walls for additional credit before moving to City Hall 5. Repeat this process for each level. That’s all about tips to play Clash of Clans Online Game.