The Tips of How To Play Clash Of Clans

How To Play Clash Of Clans – clash of clans is an addictive game where you build the base, protect, train soldiers and attack others. When you get more gold and the source of the elixir, your base will get bigger and better. This article will give you a simple and easy way to follow up on how to become a clash of clans players.

The first priority of How to Play Clash of Clans is to make you baser defense so that no one takes away your treasures.  Go to shop, the elements to protect your base is under defense. Good initial defenses are mortar and wall. If you have this, you are less likely to have someone attack you and steal the elixir of gold and so much more. Since you have limited resources at the outset, place the walls around just the most important building. Spend your gold, precious stones, and gems well. Do not dispose of them, especially your gems as they come in supply. Do not spend your jewelry. Save it for the other home builder. Decide whether you want to use real money to move forward in the game.

The second priority of How to Play Clash of Clans is just remembering that the best defense is a crime. Build a solid foundation to protect themselves from attackers. It is very satisfying to have enemies attack you a failure. Make sure your base is concentrated in one area, not just spread. Remember that your main buildings in a better-maintained position. Place builder’s huts in the corner. Continue to improve your defense. Once you’ve got the resources, make you a stronger base by increasing the walls, towers, and other defenses. Apply the traps as much as possible. You can damage one fell swoop easily take a small group of troops and seriously injured the largest line also. Keep protecting all your defenses.  Attack where ever the place that is possible to be attacked. Consider how the extent of gold has before attacking the enemy base. You can see how a lot of gold for each enemy base that can possibly be attacked. Then, attack the treasure

If you lose an attack, there is no shame just pull your troops back to your base. You can always train more troops at a later date. You can get more reward if you really destroy your opponent’s base or City Hall. After the attack, be sure to train more soldiers to replace that lost in the battle. To train, press the barracks and you’ll see the train list. It is best to train at first is barbaric and Giant. Finally, build the laboratory that allows you to raise your level of forces. You can also get the kind of forces forward like archers, wizards and goblins. You can also build a factory mantra after a while. This can create a lot of spells that add a distinct advantage to your attacks. As you can start collecting trophy, you will go up in the league, each league has the added bonus of gold and the elixir wins to win the game. The higher the level is becoming a higher the bonus it is. The higher level gives a dark elixir bonus as well. That’s all about How to Play Clash of Clans