The Park Game Review

Discover Test First-Person Horror Psychological Experience: The Park
The Park

Set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and sinister secret, The Park is a one to two hour long first-person psychological horror experience focusing on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action. As the sun sets over Atlantic Island Park, you must explore its dilapidated rides in search of your son Callum and experience panic and paranoia through a narrative written by award winning storytellers.


  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Funcom
  • Developer: Funcom
  • Type: First-Person Psychological Experience
  • Released: October 27, 2015
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Tested from a commercial version
  • Announced last August by Funcom (Age of Conan, The Secret World), The Park intended to bring the player into an experience that would borrow the survival horror while focusing on the narrative aspect. The game then became very discreet until its release on October 27, 2015. We had the opportunity to travel this adventure, this is what we have thought.



If Funcom is mainly seen as a MMO publisher like Age of Conan and The Secret World Anarchy Online, the news of the publisher / developer mentioned financial difficulties are particularly due to the recent launch Lego Minifigures crash that has Online really hurt the studio. It is with surprise that we learned of the announcement of The Park last August.

Game Story is you play as  Lorraine, a mother who goes in search of his son Callum who got lost in an amusement park … The Park Funcom describes as “A First-Person Horror Psychological Experience” that is to say that this is not really a survival but a cross between narrative experience and horror game, and in this sense, The Park is not for children audience , it is not violent or shocking is that just about the game is not for everyone, especially the youngest. Otherwise, Funcom has used The Secret World of a mature universe to create The Park, fans of the MMO quickly recognize the few winks here and there.
In terms of gameplay, The Park blithely borrows Dear Esther and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Indeed, The Park is a narrative experience, Lorraine, the playable character will tend to talk a lot herself and lost in thought. Throughout the game, she will spend his time telling her story and Callum. Soon we realize that it is losing ground in the dark paranoia. This is quite interesting because it seems that the more she empire more ahead this phenomenon, and it will have the same visions, tremors that for the most part tend to show unexpected things.


This feeling is greatly enhanced by the dark murky atmosphere and really dark title, it is not at all gory and violent. But clearly, The Park is absolutely not a joyous adventure. To move in this direction, as and measure your progress, you will discover more about the park itself and the whole forms a very interesting ecosystem where the history of Lorraine, that the park and the atmosphere title make the universe not very welcoming.

And what about the soundtrack which for once is really successful, it also contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere of the title, and it is highly advisable to play at The Park in the dark with the relatively high volume. Overall the game is not particularly creepy, even if you probably will jump a few times.


If The Park is a rather compelling game as a whole, it suffers from some flaws that could have been omitted as the technical side is not a perfect level spatial sound and a few slowdowns here and there, but nothing too bad. Graphically the game does not fare too badly, but it still remains below The Vanishing of Ethan Carter if one were to compare. In addition, the game is very dark, it is easier to “hide misery” and grimy textures. We gladly posters against the very limited control panel, it simply moves it can run from time to time … and that’s it. Oh yes, we can use a lamp in the latter part of the game but without having control over. As stated previously, The Park is an adventure narrative and therefore interventionist, we will have no freedom of action, even if it remains a pity it’s not really a default for this type of game in particular. And the last thing that may put off some by cons, Price, The Park is sold € 12.99 (9.99 at promoting output), it’s still a high hair, for an experience that lasts about 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

Both say right away, The Park is a success, the adventure is really nice, the narrative is downright friendly, the atmosphere is great. And Funcom would be wrong to deprive reiterate such projects rather well controlled. Nevertheless, the adventure loop 1:30 lap top and comes a bit expensive, not to mention that it is not recommended for children, and that the game is only available in English. If you manage to overcome that, you certainly have a good time on The Park, otherwise it will be a next time.


👎 slowdowns NOTHING
👎PRICE: € 12.99

Overall Score 7.0
While Funcom announced The Park in a very discreet way, what a surprise to discover a successful adventure regarding its scenario and its general atmosphere. The result is the same height if the formula still lacks peeps, hope Funcom reiterates that kind of experience.