The Kindred: management, craft and building

[Review] The Kindred: management, craft and building

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Technical sheet

  • Support:  PC
  • Publisher:  Nkidu Games Inc.
  • Developer:  Persistent Studios
  • Game Type:  Game Management/sandbox
  • Release Date:  February 24, 2016 (in early access)
  • Price:  $17

Test performed on a version provided by publisher

A quick appetizer

The game is currently in early access and is likely to undergo changes in the coming days.

If the usual city builders aim to make you build the greatest possible town in a spirit of pure capitalism , it is not the case for The Kindred, with many ambitions modest but that does not lack charm . The Kindred is a relatively complete game, both in its management aspect in his choice of gameplay. The surprise of the first moment we see that the map is must however pass (yet?) Limited. However one can choose the size of the card among several choices remain fairly standard small, medium or large.

A Minecraft-like in form but not in substance

The only similarity that The Kindred shares with Minecraft is the appearance that takes the game. This cubical besides being inspired by Minecraft, allows the game to be more didactic, facilitates boundaries and buildings. Moreover, the appearance of the game is very colorful and spotless gives a whole rather cute and so fun to watch, not to mention the soundtrack that shows in full keeping with the theme and relaxed , which is always nice in a game like this.

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A simple but effective interface

With an object bar at the bottom of the screen, the most aspects of management displayed on the top left of the screen, the grip is fast, precise and useful, especially if you used to play games control, you will find you in a heartbeat. The management takes into account four main elements: the nutritional value. Resources you have (to nourish your villagers) Then the number of villagers you have (called Kin) then you will need to manage energy production and especially its storage, because yes we can store energy. Finally, as in any game management who respects you have at your disposal the possibility of accelerating or putting your party paused. Then a little more, it is the mini-map in the upper right of the screen that was updated in real time.

kindred new games for minecraft exA village to your image

To recap, The Kindred offers to manage a group of villagers with which you will have to build a self-sufficient community. The gameplay mechanics provided by the game are quite comprehensive and different compared to other management games . Especially with regard to food, because you need to harvest and plant your crops, plus a variety of seed is available (vegetables, fruit trees), each variety has its own characteristics. On top of that you have the ability to make farms, always, aiming to meet the needs of your villagers.

Food resources are not the only ones to be vital to continue the adventure, there is a resource management to manage (metal, wood, sand), you must first recover to store to crafter then new, and essential elements evolve. Electricity is part of a symbolic level to achieve because, in addition to providing light, it allows you to operate new machines to continue to grow.

Now let’s talk about the villagers, because it is to them that you entrust all work and even if you like them working day and night for the sole purpose of satisfying your will, it will be difficult for them to hold such a pace , indeed they need to rest and if not, you will end quickly with totally useless villagers and even up collapsing from fatigue.

the kindred gameplay

And so…

Finally and this is important to say, we find that a little sandbox where you can (do) dig to flatten the ground, build houses, roads or even statues, harvest  etc. In fact the difference that exists with Minecraft is reflected in the choices you must make. And it is not better or worse than Minecraft, it’s different. The management is very attractive because it offers differs enough from other management games yet complete . However we deplore a widely perfectible IA , which sometimes stops working, which hangs, which prefers to sleep on the floor in a bed, but also an object bar which does as its head , making it inaccessible the objects.



  • 👍 Aspect tray soft sand
  • 👍 A lifetime honorable
  • 👍 Rich gameplay
  • 👍 A soundtrack relaxed
  • 👎 IA widely perfectible
  • 👎 Technical annoying bugs