The Best Clash Of Clans Attack Strategy | GUIDE


As more and more numerous in our clash of clans to use this composition to clan wars, here’s a strategy guide for successful attacks every time.

You can use this technique if you’re TH8, TH9 and TH10 to achieve 3 stars ☆☆☆ against equivalent in your TownHall.

This is one of the most effective techniques of attack the moment the GDC without being too difficult to master.


The Strategy Guides consists of the following forces:


  • 3 golems (minimum level 3)
  • Wizards 10
  • 26 riders pigs (level 5)
  • Spells: 3 treatments, 1 rage 1 gel, 1 poison



  • 2 golems (minimum Level 2)
  • Wizards 10
  • 28 riders pigs (level 5)
  • Spells: 3 treatments, 1 rage 1 poison


  • 2 golems
  • 7 wizards
  • 27 riders pigs (level 4)
  • Spells: 3 treatments, 1 poison

(This is the standard composition, of course, you can change your preferences. 2-3 sappers are often more useful)


  1.  develop the attack

1st time: send in the order your golems, some wizards, your heroes and your fire. Space your golems 2 defenses then deploy your wizards and your hero in the center with your fire.

Your goal will be to destroy, in priority order, the troops of the clan castle, the Queen and a maximum of defenses at least one arc-x.

Gowihog deployment wizard golem Queen tutorial
2nd step: send your riders pigs next to your golems while they attract the enemy defenses. You can do it in one group or in two separate groups on each side of your golems.

Gowihog deployment pig tutorial Rider 2

2.The spells

Rage during the first part of the attack, when your troops are approaching the Queen and the clan castle.

Poison on the troops of the clan castle when they approach your troops in the first part of the attack.

Gowihog fate rage poison tutorial
Care: During the second part of the attack, when your pigs riders approach a possible location of a giant bombs and / or tower wizards.

Gowihog out carefully tutorial
Gel: the towers of hell as soon as your troops are approaching.




Gowihog attack strategy results 3 stars ☆☆☆

3.What town attack?

Here are things to look at when you attack a village:

  1.  Queen’s position.
  2. Position clan castle.
  3. The position of arc-x.
  4. Possible Locations for giant bombs.


Preferably choose a village with few possible locations for giant bombs (especially for 2 one beside the other) and not near a wizard tower.

You must be able to eliminate the Queen, the clan castle and a rainbow x to prevent your pig will make riders rolled by them. If they are inaccessible you will have more difficult (eg avoid a village if placed in the center, where they are too far between them).

However with a little practice you will be able to destroy most of the basics and even less accessible ;-).



  • The most devastating attacks are often carried out with less riders pigs but with 3 golems and 5-7 Fire (TH9 be minimum). The technique is difficult to master, but you can tackle larger bases.
  • Deploy your first sorcerers outwards and then towards the center of your starting point attack. Your troops will head more easily to the center of the base.
  • Keep Wizards 2-3 / archers at the end of your attack to destroy the remaining buildings. You save time to clean.
  • Bring out troops clan castle early on if possible and send a poison spell on them. Wait until they are completely destroyed (unless it is a dragon) before sending the rest of your troops. You lose a bit of time but will save a lot of troops.
  • Try to blow up bombs giant initially with your golems to protect your riders pigs.