The Technomancer Video Trailer Presents

Focus Home Interactive offers a new video to learn more in depth The Technomancer



During Gamescom 2015, Focus Home Interactive and Spiders presented a new RPG called The Technomancer. The video that we discover today evokes different combat systems in the game. There will be three different classes with different attacks. Our Technomancer is able to convert its bioelectric power very powerful skills.
The Warrior inflicts a lot of damages but his skills will be lower, the Guardian will have the capacity to defend itself by blocking and parrying attacks and Snape is all about mobility with dodges, agility and fighting melee. These three types of action will be upgradeable using a skill tree as in any good RPG. There will not be that of combat since crafting system will also be there and it will, of course, change our equipment throughout the adventure that takes place on Mars.

Many choices  when The Technomancer  will be available in early 2016 PS4, Xbox One and PC.