Super Mario Maker: like a frog in the water!

Discover the new suit in Super Mario Maker is simply the Frog costume Super Mario Bros 3!


Everyone knows, Super Mario Maker is riding a wave of success in recent months. As he came out on September 11 of this year,more than one million copies were already sold at the end of the month. Nintendo managed to win with this game of creation, which offers many opportunities while remaining accessible to all. And besides, it’s always full of novelties we offer various updates such as Zelda Triforce that was added some time ago.

While a new event had recently helped shape the set of courses in the game this retro NES Remix, which was (re) born on the shop Wii U in 2013, thanks to it you can get a new suit that is, this time, the frog costume.


Remember, this exclusive Super Mario Bros 3 that many of us longed to see one day in the Mario universe.With Super Mario Maker, it’s done! It is disguised as a frog that our hero may be some benefit in the water as it allows you to swim faster and jump farther. Note however a speed reduction of the vector stroke.

This is great news for fans of Mario! A … ready … your Frogs. Go!