SkyHill Game Review

Discover the test and Review of point and survive Skyhill

Technical sheet

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Daedalic
  • Developer: Mandragora
  • Type: Point’n’Click / Survival
  • Released: September 18, 2015
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Tested from a version provided by the publisher

If survival games are all the rage lately, some developers are trying to bring something else, and this is what provides the studio with Mandragora Skyhill. It is under the aegis of the title Daedalic that left it a few days ago in French. Here’s what we have thought.

Skyhill therefore is an experience that blends action RPG roguelike in a survival filled with mutants (no zombies, seriously?). The pitch takes us shortly after the 3rd World War (there it is downright SF). You are quietly trying to enjoy life in your luxurious apartment when an attack with a biological weapon is launched … The population is transformed into blood-thirsty mutants googly eyes. You stay some time cloistered in your apartment when the lack of living is felt. Then comes the time to go out and face the 100 floors of the hotel in which you have taken up residence.

Yes, you read right, those are 100 floors it will take you browse, explore to arrive safe and sound! And this is where the principle of Skyhill. At the beginning of each game, you are completely naked (in equipment), you’ll need weapons to defend, food to fill your hunger gauge, and drugs treat you. If life gauge will of course harmed in clashes with mutants, the gauge of hunger decreases every time you explore a part of the hotel.

Skyhill is a true roguelike, there is a certain progression curve of the repeatability of runs, the art of equipping, to avoid unnecessary battles … In this sense, Skyhill is rather successful. The game is available in easy difficulty, the difficulty mode will be used to take the game in hand, however, the most demanding players will start directly in normal and difficult, or where the game is much more interesting.
As and when you will pick up your exploration of materials, food care and weapons. The materials used for the craft you, so you can restock rare medicine and food if you have the necessary materials provided to return to your apartment on the top floor, for this you lifts (it will fix) to save gauge your hunger. Skyhill also has a really nice side screenplay with audio and find hidden text records everywhere not to mention the audio dubbing the title which is very good.
Regarding the fighting, Mandragora was inspired by the RPG leveling system that gives you the experience and therefore levels of earnings after killing the mutants. Each level up, you can invest points in 4 categories (Endurance, Speed, Strength, and Precision). The course of the fighting takes place in turn-based, with a normal mode where each step on his side and an advanced mode, or the player can choose the area where the shot will be taken.

Overall Skyhill remains a friendly experience but does not expect more. There are not really re-playability and it’s a shame for a roguelike, there are too few different enemies. The game’s still too repetitive lacks a little originality even if the story is pretty well written and interesting. Overall, boredom comes after a few hours of play, and that’s a shame. Still, the game does not suffer any particular bug and is still available at its price.



Mandragora arrives with Skyhill and the result lacks punch, certainly the game is quite interesting but it offers too little variety and re-playability you occupied for more than a few hours, strange for a roguelike. Nevertheless, everything is very neat, be it the sound, graphics and even the technical aspect of the title. We feel that the team keeps underfoot hope that these defects are resolved with their next title.

  1. GRAPHISME 8.0
  2. GAMEPLAY 7.0
  3. SCÉNARIO 8.0
  4. DURATION 5.0