Rise of the Tomb Raider: Full lighthouse on the tombs

Lara Croft discovers scale tombs in this new video Rise of the Tomb Raider titled Woman Vs Wild


Rise of the Tomb Raider is set to make its arrival on Xbox One on November 10, enough to show Lara in a new video. If he had retained a default reboot, it would be around the tombs. They were as optional, few and lacked depth. In the next installment, Crystal Dynamics has developed a substantial work on their designs and we are witnesses since after a few hours spent on the game, we highlighted in our preview (available here) found that the tombs of their splendor.
Similarly, the video evokes other novelties like learning dead languages. Lara Croft finally recalls that it is not yet an accomplished archaeologist and he’ll have to read a book to deepen his knowledge. Finally, it will rather be necessary to go through a few steps to decrypt all messages on which it falls. Once decrypted, these puzzles will lead to the treasures and some famous tombs.
Furthermore, gaining in depth the treasures hidden in the tombs will not be so easy to achieve. Puzzles ask the right choices, the most judicious manipulation and good path to lead to the Grail.
To help her, she could rely on his survival instinct which is also shown in the gameplay session and its arms to move from zone to zone. When some secrets and artifacts are discovered, the adventurer will gain special abilities that will help him get rid of his enemies of the Trinity.