Review Mario Tennis Smash between the Ultra Short

We had the chance to play several hours to Mario Smash Tennis Ultra, ideal for delivering our first impressions of the game

ultra-smash-mario-tennis-2015 images

Mario Tennis Smash Ultra is preparing to make his return on the courts of the Wii U for November 20, enough to swing some setbacks slanderers who think that the console has more licenses in its strings. For six years the champion seeds waiting after Mario Power Tennis at the time left on the Wii. Several detours to the Nintendo 3DS to warm up and now Mario and his band are appearing in an album that promises exciting.

Ideal playing conditions


Before the start of each game, it is customary to make a small golf round to soak up the atmosphere and analyze the playing conditions in order to be focused on the goal, victory. In Mario Smash Smash Ultra, you can choose to play on any surface. Like what lies on the WTA and ATP tour, you will find more green grass as Wimbledon, a dirt worthy of the Philippe Chatrier court and Dure surface. In addition to the standard conditions, Nintendo has brought her little personal touches and integrated soil that you will not find elsewhere.
You can then jump to do your best smashes on carpet, sand, ice, short drawn in the colors of Toad and a last unpublished. Each has its specificities and change the trajectory of the ball or move. The short sand allows the ball to sink and slow down significantly, more than the clay. Malignant take the opportunity to play a few amortized. This remains a pity that the vice has not been pushed a little further, the changes are not radical. For example, if you run on ice, you risk slipping while moving but too little. It would have been fun to be able to slip and fall accident. Similarly, no trace of the famous leaning short with different gifts we had experienced on Nintendo 64. However, all content has perhaps not been revealed, fingers crossed.
Finally, let’s look at the stage electrified by a cheering crowd. Many events have been added for spectators. The camera lingers on some cheering fans fervently its stars of the yellow ball. It is perhaps here lies the greatest opposition with real tennis simulation as Top Spin. While it lingers to recreate a classic atmosphere where silence reigns during each exchange, the public Mario Tennis on Wii U expresses all his enthusiasm and makes more dynamic, living stage. It is a real plus because you are caught in the public party mood that makes you know that every part of you will be a true event.

A still fun gaming experience

Once analyzed the conditions of play, it’s time for the champions to make their entrance. But through what game mode? Mario Tennis Smash Ultra offers many, and they adapt to the type of player you are. Everyone will love to chain exchanges with the great novelty of the game, fungi that can become giant. Indeed, it may be that some of them landing on the court, you decide to take them as they arise or wait a little bit. These mushrooms give an advantage to gain so much you win by overburden and power, the opportunity to launch powerful blows (or with an effect that would be jealous Nadal) dubbed “Ultra Smash”. We have not failed to notice that they give more depth to the game, allowing the player to roll back far behind the end line behind the line judges who, it must be said, do not have a lot of work to do.
The regulars of the license will be perhaps a good eye for novelty but others not. Good news, Mega Match is by no means imposed in gameplay. You can then choose whether to play a game with bonuses or get started in classical games, that allow you to confront yourself in “normal” conditions. This is an opportunity for many of you to test your tennis playing abilities with a more realistic gameplay and relying on well-own tennis bases.
We could not omit to mention a feature that makes them damn immersive games. These different video cameras located. Several cameras are available and you choose what use you will give your GamePad. They can agree perfectly to make them ideal playing conditions for local multiplayer. Indeed, a reverse camera is proposed to offer a third-person view of both sides of the field. So, imagine that you play with your friend Donkey Kong and Luigi: When the first will watch on TV behind the skull of the gorilla, the second will look at the screen gamepad with a view of the cap of Luigi. Gone are the days when you could get out the excuse “I like to be at the top of the screen” in a bad loser.
As for the camera show, it is just great. The gameplay seems much more fluid and dynamic with this camera that tracks your movements and gives a sense of speed. Once again, it is proven that camera management can only improve playing conditions or otherwise make them less valuable in other games. In Mario Tennis Smash Ultra, you have understood, it has been redesigned in order to make excellent gaming experience.

Of all records of game modes

Therefore, it is easier to chain the hours on Ultra Mario Tennis Smash it being possible to vary the conditions of play, alternating between the different surfaces and between Mega Match Match and Standard, single or double . Nintendo also thought about integrating other game modes, including offering the Challenge Mega Ball. It challenges you to do more trade with the opponent opposite, but does not represent the most interesting aspect of the game.
Indeed, the Champions Ascension is a real challenge and could force the most determined players to reach the Holy Grail. This is about fifteen to defeat different opponents, one by one, the opportunity to face Toad, Yoshi, Bowser and his offspring, Boo Mario, Harmony and many other characters repeatedly. The level of AI will be affordable for the first games, but actually thickens chaining matches. It is also nice to see that all do not play the same way (Boo retain and countless topspin shots), making the experience less monotonous. Reach 50 straight victories may seem complicated but it can be avoided to start while spending some fictional pieces, allowing you to pick up where the series was discontinued. Thus, the rise is based on a gameplay a little nervous, but never too frustrating.
Unfortunately we were not allowed to preview the online game that will also be taking part in Mario Tennis Smash Ultra. The question is in what form, and if the competitions will be organized to bring together players from around the world. Another feature that it was impossible to analyze the compatibility of amiibo with the game. It would not be surprising that you can play with your favorite toys and boost their skills by linking matches.

The game, Set and Match?

A few hours of play have been enough for us to be convinced of the quality of the title. If we had to highlight small negatives, it would fall in the number of characters available during our session (four in addition to those visible in the above image). The choice is less comprehensive than in a license as Mario Kart. Similarly, it would have been nice as each character has its own short, customized colors, which would have made a good addition to Mario Smash Tennis Ultra. The voiceover that says the winner in any case did not reveal the names of the characters and was content to announce “Game, set and match Launcher,” a small problem that could be fixed before the release of the game.

Finally, the Mega Ball Challenge is a disappointment because it is not as exciting as the Ascension Champions who should know a wider audience. Nevertheless, it is a very good title that Nintendo offers for this end of year, no doubt he could finish under the tree Nintendo fans. The gameplay is suitable for all types of players who can play many hours either solo or multiplayer. While waiting to provide the full test, our first impressions of Mario Tennis Smash Ultra remain excellent.