Review The Legend of Zelda : TriForce Heroes

Discover your test The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes – When cooperation is synonymous with passion!

Sign, cooperate and defeat“: here is the slogan of the last game of the saga “ The Legend of Zelda” released on the Nintendo handheld. It is with pleasure that we find Link in a new multiplayer spin-off of the franchise. In this game, you’ll be immersed in the heart of a cooperative game where you were elected to save the princess of fashion, Chiffon. Can you awaken the hero in you?


  • Support: Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo EAD
  • Type: Action / Adventure
  • Release Date: October 23, 2015TLOZ-TriForce

One is good, three is better!
The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes is the fourth game of the Nintendo 3DS (Ocarina of Time, 2011 – A Link Between Worlds, 2013 – Majora’s Mask, 2015) but the first, on this support, to propose a cooperative game (for lone wolves, do not worry, you can also play solo!).
This is not unlike Four Swords Adventures, another game of the legend that was proposed on the GameCube in 2005. However, in this new album, it’s not four but three players that are proposed to us in the adventure . Indeed, so you can play as a Link Green, Red or Blue (Violet Farewell …). But we return to this subject a little further.

The Fabric of a hero
The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes begins with a cutscene showing you a lover of fashion kingdom that bears the name of Kingdom of Estoffe. It is headed by the Princess Chiffon, reference taste in dress how these places (Hum hum …) and his father, His Majesty King Frisette. We are thus at first sight, although far from the kingdom of Hyrule and Zelda … Alas, in this kingdom is a person to whom the princess inspired fatal designs … The Witch cursed lands. The latter shall send a gift Chiffon: the sticky shame, cursed, that only the sorceress can undo. The princess, overwhelmed by this ridiculous outfit, locks himself in his room and his kingdom plunged into sadness. Only a hero can go to the damned land where lies the witch.

It was at this point that we operate. Indeed, the King sent an announcement by his messengers: it searches the hero Totem! It must have three very specific criteria, which, of course, our dear Link fills. In the guise of Cartoon Link, graphics and colors that are waiting for you, recall those of his predecessor A Link Between Worlds, all woven on a frisky music. The adventure looks so playful and full of humor!

No way, not a good fabric!
The exploration begins by the Kingdom of Estoffe: this part of the game is played so offline and lonely. You will find several characters, some even give you a few tips. The further north you will find the castle of Estoffe, where lies the King and his daughter, but more importantly, where the gateway that provides access to the cursed lands located.
As for the kingdom, it is composed of several parts, including:
The Magotidien where you can earn a nest egg … daily basis. Indeed, in this store, you can try your luck once a day in order to win the prize offered by the merchant.
The Miiverse gallery, where you will be sent a camera (you can take pictures afterward in countries cursed by pressing X) and through which you can access Miiverse talking with the wholesaler.
The market, which the vendor will offer daily 5 products with prices more or less affordable …
The Totem statue that allow you to save.
The Madam seamstress shop (and many cats) …


It is in this dern The Legend of Zelda – Triforce Heroes – Madam seamstress – Costume – the Estoffeier place you can create (or rather ordered) your costumes! You may ask, “But how do these suits me and what can they use it? “. Well, thanks to the objects you will reap in the damned land (and some rubies), you can order from the shopping so she makes you the finest accoutrements. Each of them will give you a special bonus as we had shown you a glimpse into one of our videos.
To you to adorn yourself the most advantageous costume to go in search of the mark of the witch …
One for all and all for one!
It is in the castle hall Estoffe you meet the general Gomina, which will give you your first object to create your first costume: a tunic of the hero. In the home of Her Majesty, you will find his quarters on the left. Although you will not have access immediately to their apartments, it is here that the princess and her father live. On the right, a passage to the arena, where you have the opportunity to compete against other local heroes either part or online. Finally in front, entrance to the cursed lands which it is absolutely forbidden to venture alone! This will require a team of three before leaving. So you either pass through the front door, where you will form a team with wireless communication, either through the back door if you do not want to go exploring with other heroes …

In both cases, you will be in a second hall where you have three characters:
The first, left, is a tutor who will give you some tips of how each room information. The second, right, is the assistant Madam seamstress. It presents the catalog of the costumes and the list of materials you own. Moreover, it is to the progress chart that lets you know where you are in the exploration of cursed land. Finally, facing you, the guide, allowing you to choose the wireless mode of communication for a party to several (local multiplayer, online, or download), or wake jumping jacks (such containers of your soul that will form a single entity if you build a totem) if you choose the game alone.

After making your choice, you can follow in the footsteps of the witch …

Throughout the adventure …
The world of the witch is in the form of dungeons (recalling the function present in Mario): you have 8 worlds, each composed of 4 levels. After each of them, you get three challenges per level. As soon as you finish one of them, the triangle of the Triforce lights and sparkles. In addition, this table can be differentiated into two tables: a player or multiplayer.
Each level is strategic and played on different scales … Hence the use of the famous totem by stacking two or three heroes. At the beginning of each, you can choose a weapon, whose use may be accentuated depending on the costume you wear.

So you have three body control when playing solo, it’s three brains that will make you move (or not …) in an online game! In the second case, you can contact your contacts with 8 pictograms, which will grow as and when you click on it. But in both cases, strategy and cooperation will emerge victorious rigor to our three heroes and access the vault, where you will find objects for making your costumes.
A tailored suit!
It was a complex task to create a multiplayer game after his older GameCube, providing a wireless connection to it, and all in 3D. Far from the adventure of The Legend of Zelda usual, our musketeers of the Triforce mend we still with the franchise in this smart album that retains all the charm. Nevertheless, one can criticize the mere dressing role of the Kingdom of Estoffe. Although very attractive, it could have a more important role than a place of teleportation to the cursed lands. Note also unfortunate that the acquisition of friendship evidence can not be done by local network (these are given by the false hero before the castle entrance and allow you to order new costumes). Using the tactile keyboard as means of communication proves to be a wise choice, although one or two additional pictograms could be welcome (a “Wait” button for example would have been appropriate in some cases …). Cooperation between the hero, not always obvious, appears to be a real happiness when the spirits are woven to each other, like a beautiful green patchwork, red and blue … All tapered by bright colors, dressed costumes and use Successful verticality of the relief.
Clothes make the link here, then you don your best costume and connect with the other heroes, to make his class at the Princess of Estoffe.


👍 A spin-off of Zelda (yes anyway …)
Scenario 👍 filled with humor!
👍 can play alone or in local multiplayer or online!
👍 pictograms for communication!
👍 varied and numerous costumes!
👍 colors and crisp soundtrack!
Gameplay 👍 using the verticality of the relief in 3D!



👎 You can not play two …
👎 Lack of some pictograms or ability to communicate orally …
👎 The role of the Kingdom of Estoffe could have been larger …
👎 Acquisition proofs of friendship only by LAN …



Despite a somewhat low scenario, this spin-off of the saga The Legend of Zelda you will once again don the hero costume, in a very attractive multiplayer mode!