Rainbow Six Siege: Our thoughts on beta open

Our impressions of the open beta of Rainbow Six Siege

Hello and welcome to our impressions of the open beta Rainbow Six Siege. This is a game developed at Ubisoft Montreal is an exclusively multiplayer FPS comes out on 1 December next on PC, PS4 and XboxOne. We were able to try the game during the few days of open beta, here is what we have thought.

For starters, the open beta only included an excerpt of the full game content’re in, we had access to two game modes (PvP and PvE confused):

The mode bomb Pvp: 2 teams of 5 players an attacking and defending.

The defending team must protect the two bombs on the map while the attacking team must defuse them. The game is played in three winning matches, and each round the roles are reversed. Before the start, the defending team can prepare his defense with barricades, barbed wire … the attacking team can send cameras that fetch the location of areas to secure.

The mode bomb PvE: 1 team of 5 players against the AI.

You must defuse all the bombs on the map in the allotted time while waves of enemies managed by the AI will attack you (possible mode of solo play).

Class level, you have access to several units at the start from: SAS, SWAT, the GIGN, the Spetnaz, andGSG9. These units all have different weapons and accessories. To you to define what you like best.

As and when the matches you engrangerez experience and fame. Experience unlocks content in play, fame allows you to buy operators and accessories for weapons.

Operators are classes having a defined role. For example, the Mount is an operator of the GIGN usable attack phase. It uses including a primary weapon shield.

Gameplay side, do not hide it, Rainbow Six Siege is a true multiplayer game, the type of game that requires teamplay, the kind of game where communication is a big plus. In this sense, this beta sets the tone. So yes, run-player games to multiplayer FPS on can also take their game according to situations.

Without being too arcade, Rainbow Six Siege setting confrontations in restricted areas, maps are not great, a death and it’s over, there’s no respawn. positioning and placement becomes very important, the rush to the Call of Duty is not really recommended.

The peculiarity of Rainbow Six has always held on the use of rather driven accessories, all mixed with the game engine that allows to destroy most of the walls makes the rather epic gameplay. Ultimately, it is theshelter nowhere, hiding behind a wall becomes a risk because the enemy can do it explode into a thousand pieces and with.

As for the technique and despite the concern the postponement of the open beta, the PC version of Rainbow Six Siege hold water: the game is graphically not very impressive, however, the framerate is very fluid at all times and even during the big explosions. loads of time is not very long and matchmaking works pretty well (if any worries from time to time to find some).

We can say that we were not really surprised by what Rainbow Six Siege that offers an experience to match that Ubisoft showed the game. After as competitive play, we feel that the ambition level esports are present.To see if the game will over time.