Quantum Break offers 20 minutes of gameplay

Quantum Break, the next big exclusive title for the Xbox One, does not shy and actually enjoy.


It is awaited for by all Microsoft machinery owners. Whether players Xbox One or PC users , all can enjoy the title developed by Remedy in a little over a month. The opportunity for Microsoft to do some feel the beast with our colleagues Dualshockers that did not relate to private images of their gaming session.

So you will find in this session of 20 minutes, divided into four distinct parts, the (almost) start of the game. Since this is in Chapter 1.2 of the adventure that is broadcast. Some information you expect a little more low after these four videos.



Quantum Break therefore will enter (we predicted noticed) on Xbox One and PC on April 5th. We also remind you that the game has gone gold in the last few days.

Little bonus: the game will also be part of a cross media concept since it will also see adapted into TV series with headlining one who lent his face to the main character of the game: actor Shawn Ashmore .Some pictures for punishment: