PS4: over 30 million consoles sold

There are three short days, the PS4 celebrated its second anniversary. And what a long way in such a short time

In the middle of the video game, as in many circles, we like swing numbers. In order for them to be in our favor and impressive. And in this area there, is not far behind.

Thus you have learned just today that the PS4 had, at this time, sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.To give you an idea of room for improvement at the beginning of the year, during February, the bike had 20 million happy owners. The latest addition to Sony even pays the luxury of, for now and for the same period, better than its big brother, the PlayStation 2. Absolute reference in terms of sales of Sony consoles.

There is in the world, about 197 countries (if the calculation is approximate, it is because it still exists and still differences on some). 124 of them welcome the PlayStation 4.

Without wanting to have fun playing the fortune tellers, it’s a safe bet that the packs planned for year-end holidays and exclusives to come out in the first half 2016 will consolidate this pretty crazy figure of 30 million sales.