Powerful Sculptor Boom Beach Guide Crystals and Statues

Sculptor Boom Beach – Create powerful sculptor can help in the war effort. You need to collect mystical crystals for a new statue. Every new sculpture is unique, it cannot be expected that the force. You can return the statue to retrieve the fine crystals. Sculpture is an important concept in boom beach may be unfamiliar to veterans from other games in the genre, such as tribal conflict. The statues are a special structure that can increase the generation of attack and defense the resources of your own. In a boom beach, the statues can be built starting from HQ level 5 that are created in the sculptor. It is one of support for the construction of many in the game.


As you progress in the game, statues are becoming increasingly important. Understanding about the work of different statues in boom beach is the most important thing that you need to know. It is a critical component of success in the game. There are four types of statues in a boom beach; they can be recognized easily by their color. They are: Green: it is the provision of more resources for production. Ice (blue): This gives a strong push to defend your island (health buildings and damage to buildings). Magma (red): This gives a strong push to attack your troops. Darkness (purple): This gives a strong boost for your fighter ship, the benefits of the resources of the attack, and access to energy stones.

Sculptor Boom Beach is made with rock strength which is collected from attacking enemy bases and to a lesser extent, of the daily task of the submarine award. Power Stone comes in three forms: fragments, fragments and crystals. You can create sculptor, sculptures and clarity of strong sun that can help in the war effort to a large extent. Every new sculpture is unique; it cannot be expected to the force. You can return the statue to retrieve the fine crystals. You can upgrade to spread the sculptor statue. You can have only one masterpiece of the same type of bonus. The high level sculptor can be used for the statue.


There are some tips of Sculptor Boom Beach. They are: You can have only one masterpiece of the same type of bonus.Sculptor upgrades to increase the amount you can build the statue.By restoring the statue you get beautiful crystals that you can use to create another statue.You can only choose the type of protestant sculptor to make the statue, the statue of the bonus is allocated randomly.Every time you will receive a sculptor upgrade energy powder.Statue feature is randomly generated after processing. So sometimes, it can produce thing that you do not like. To prevent this, here are some tips to make the best sculpture.

The first, you need to select the sculpture that you need and start producing type. Then, you need to run your plane mode. Next, you need to back to the Boom quick Coast. Use gems to speed up the statue-making, then you can see the statue features. If you are not satisfied with the attributes of the statue, you can close boom beach behind the scenes on the spot and then turn off the airplane mode. Restart boom beach and stop producing sculpture, then the game will give you 7 crystals. Thus, you can repeat to produce a statue for the best. That’s our article about Sculptor Boom Beach.