Pokemon Go : Team Yellow, Blue or Red? Here’s How to Choose the Right Team

The thrill  of new Pokemon GO game feels real once you get to level five, where you will never play alone again. You can access the gym, fight, and of course, join in a team. You have to determine for themselves which want to join the team. Difficult choices and make scratching his head. The reason is, there is no detailed information, and we also do not know the consequences if one chose the team.

Three teams are representing a faction with a different color: yellow for the Instinct, blue for teams Mystic, and red as the team Valor. Of course, every team has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Well, for you were wondering, was launched from the following Androidauthority Jaka love tips on how to choose the right team in Pokemon GO. Tim yellow, blue, or red? Do not miscast, because the decisions you make are permanent.


How to Choose the Right Team in Pokemon GO

1. Instinct Team

Team Instinct or yellow team, the mascot of the mystical bird Zapdos which is one of the Three Legendary Bird-flying electric types that can control lightning with as he pleases. A Pokemon trainer will lead each team, for Instinct team led by Spark. Well as the name implies Instinct team relied heavily on the sharpness of instinct and ability. So if you feel they have a strong instinct and likes to follow your heart, you can select this team.

instinct pokemon go

Spark sure, you will never experience defeat if you believe you are full of instinct. Members of the yellow team are generally players are very confident and relaxed, they prefer to make peace or not like to do battle in the gym. They prefer to collect as many Pokemon and explore the world.


2. Mystic Team

Mystic team or the blue team, the mascot is Articuno is one of the Three Legendary Bird-type ice-flying. This Pokemon can create a snowstorm to freeze the surrounding air. The blue team led by Blanche was very lean on evolution (Evolve), Blanche dedicate their time and their lives to studying the evolution of Pokemon.

pokemon go mystic team

The team prioritizes the ability to analyze a quiet, sharp and accurate. Blanche is confident he and his team would never lose. Well, for you who has a personality that is careful and calculating, Mystic team may be very suitable for you. Focusing on the evolution of means, players in Mystic team members are more likely to be interested in the game long term. So far, the team Mystic become the most favorite team in Pokemon GO.


3. Team Valor

Team Valor or the red team, the mascot is Moltres which is one of the Three Legendary Bird-flying-type fire. Fire team led by Candela, a figure that is brave and resolute. Candela greatly appreciates the values of disciplined practice and an actual force out in everyone.

valor teams poke go

Hard work is the only way to become a true Pokemon Master. Team Valor seems to be the favorite team after the team’s number two Mystic. So, you’ll mean it to be a Pokemon Master who dared to go out (GO) and find the legendary Pokemon.



That’s some difference of three teams in the Pokemon GO which also keeps its own philosophy. For now, there is no significant difference when you’re choosing a team of yellow, blue, or yellow. Apparently, choosing the team can help us identify friend or foe. So, you can select a group according to your personality or choose the same team with your buddies. So, you can fight together in the gym.

choose team on pokemon go

Each team must have claimed that they are the best team. The team is also very influential when there is a gathering, in which the Pokémon are separated by team trainers. So, where the heck do you think the best team and best suits you? Share your opinion yes.

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