PlayStation VR: A price, date, games

Sony unveiled next spearhead of its entertainment segment. So we finally have the crucial information regarding the PlayStation VR.

After months of rumors and noise corridor, the well kept secrets of Sony for its virtual reality headset for PS4’s finally just been unveiled to light. So, know that the PlayStation VR is set for release this fall in October . No details as to the day. You will be offered for sale at a price of € 399.99 = $ 442,80 . It was actually one that came up most often in the forecasts. However, note that the camera is not included in this pack … probably it will take between 50 and 80 € more equal to $ 88 and so on.

Please see the image below all of the content of PlayStation VR that will be delivered with the helmet:

PlayStation VR Helmet

The device will not be delivered only as it will be accompanied by a game by the name of The Playroom VR. In reality, they are six games that will be integrated into this VR The Playroom . This title will allow you to become familiar with this new technology. A first big license does not take long to grant the capabilities of virtual helmet: Star Wars. With the “VR” version so Battlefront.

The little guys DICE not also be the only ones to develop work on the helmet since we announced that 230 developers are currently hard at work to provide content (not less than 160 shares). Independent studios through the middle behemoths. In the end, are 50 titles that are expected between the headphone release date and the end of the calendar year 2016 , which Mechanized Combat League , Until Dawn: Rush of Blood  , PlayStationVR WORLDS , Eagle Flight (Ubisoft) , EVE: Valkyrie (CCP Games) , Ground Infinite (Enhance Games) .. . to name a few.

The end of 2016 looks a hectic side of Sony. The question is whether the players will respond present.