PlayStation 4.5: the latest rumors

This PS 4.5 certainly one of the big rumors of the moment: a PlayStation 4.5 would be in the projects of the Japanese firm.



The information was taken lightly, but according to Kotaku ( and its sources which would be the developers ), Sony Playstation 4 would work on a new generation who would assume the Ultra HD.

The resolution in 4K, this would seem consistent with the release of the new Blu-Ray of a subsidiary of the Japanese giant: Sony Pictures Entertainment.

To play on his 4k console without having to buy a graphics card with more than 700 € would be a real technological revolution, reducing the graphic gap between consoles and PCs, but if this PlayStation 4.5 were to emerge it only remains to hope that the price will continue to be affordable for the general public.

Of course, we do not know what form will this new machine, or if it will be grafted directly to the existing one, but it is useful to recall that the history of upgrades consoles is more than rough. Take for example the Sega Megadrive, who found himself decked the Sega CD and 32X, respectively, both allowing the console to read CD and increase the power of the machine. The oldest of us still remember the flop these two accessories.

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We are then entitled to ask for several things: what will be the shape of this upgrade? Will we have to redeem all of our system ( and a TV for those who are not yet equipped with TV 4k ), or perhaps a box to connect directly to our good old PlayStation 4? Knowing that this new only happens a few days after the announcement of the release date and price of virtual reality headset from Sony, we should see a connection between these two “ads”?

Sony communicating will probably not be long before officially announce the project if it is indeed real. And you, what do you think of all this? Would you be willing to buy a new console to enjoy your favorite games in 4K?