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Subway Surfers – Launch Trailer

Subway Surfers – Demarcation of mobile gaming has changed rapidly over the past few years. But the most popular game on the app store still tend to be the ones that can be played in short bursts at any time without much introduction. Surfers Metro certainly fits the bill, and it is a game you will keep coming back to, could not pull away too long at one time. Version of endless runner plays like running the temple, but with some major twists that really makes the game experience much more entertaining in many ways.

The core of the Subway Surfers, you can walk along a set of tracks underground as long as you can away from the screen, collecting coins and other power-ups on the way forward, while avoiding a series of obstacles such as the actual train, light writing, wooden ramparts, tunnels and much more. You will be able to swipe your finger left or right on the screen to switch between your characters one of three vertical paths. But you will always keep moving forward.

You can upgrade each of these power-up, along with some additional use of non-recurrent items such as hoverboard, with funds collected during gameplay. You can purchase coins if you want, but you can get a relatively fast pace in your so no need to buy anything with real money if you do not want. Give the option of spending real money or not on coins that is a great bonus to play subway surfers online . But the former should be a model on IOS.

While the surfers already had entertainment value going for it, it’s also technically great. The characters look funny for them and the environment is bright and colorful, animated liquid without a clear interest. This is not an innovative or it is the first of its kind, but it does not expand and develop what we have come to know as a runner. Sure, you might think you’re done with this kind of game, but considering a return with a dose of “Subway Surfers ” will not be wasting your time.

To enhance the experience of incredible 3D graphics, make smooth animation. This game is endless still like so many others, finally started at the same point every time. But there are always randomly generated levels. Still, Subway Surfers is probably the best runner of the endless come, and does a great job of delivering the feel again. There is the challenge of great goals and unlockable character power-ups, as well as most factors adding to the replay.

Subway surfers should be on your machine for free with the purchase of optional application too that is almost perfect play balance, such as sexy sprinters are endless with three columns, the train is moving and roof jump. Activate surfer’s metro officially this kind of endless, so jump on board because that train left the station. So, this is best game you can play in you mobile phone. That’s all about Subway Surfers. 

you can download subway surfers here on Google Play Store


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