Plague Inc Evolved Multiplayer coming soon

Multiplayer arrives next week in Plague Inc Evolved


Originally released on smartphone and tablet PC in 2012 and then in 2014 and also on Xbox one since last September, Plague Inc Evolved offers an experience where the goal is to eradicate the human race. For this, you will need to develop a virus and find ways to develop so that it makes a maximum of victims. We learn today that a multiplayer mode will arrive soon on the PC version:

“In the VS mode, unfortunately, the world is big enough to hold both viruses who will fight for control of the world … Whoever infect the world in the first prevail however, care should be taken because humanity could find a cure without forget that the other virus could eradicate you. “

The multiplayer mode will also bring new developments genes … all to help the player to eradicate humanity.And finally, you will not have to wait long as this update will be deployed on 1 December on Steam.