PGW 2015: first impressions RIGS with PlayStation VR

We were able to try the famous PlayStation Rigs with VR to the Paris Games Week 2015. Here are our impressions!


The real star of the Paris Games Week 2015, Sony had the biggest stand of the show with a multitude of games to test. Although the section reserved for Uncharted 4 imposed, it is the PlayStation VR who carved the lion’s share from the Japanese manufacturer. Obviously, we could test the famous virtual reality headset with the next title entitled Guerrilla Cambridge Rigs. Here are our impressions.

Initially, evoke the helmet itself. PlayStation VR is very ergonomic for several reasons. Already, it is very light and adjustable according to the size of your head. Even with headphones, all is not unpleasant to wear. If you have an imperative need to wear glasses, know that the PlayStation VR is also provided for this as there is a space to leave room for your frames while protecting. Whether in design or ergonomics is flawless. Now to play.

First, remember that Regis is a multiplayer title three against three. Each player controls are a pilot aboard a mecha and the goal is to score points for his team jumping in a circle in the middle of the arena. For this, you must first collect five golden orbs that fall after destroying an opponent then it must then join this famous circle to spend inside. The concept is pretty cool even if it takes a little time to adapt before total control of the gameplay of the game. In addition to drawing with the two triggers our mecha has some “powers” very useful. Pressing the square button, you can run faster thereby escape a fight a little too heated for example. Pressing triangle causes the repair of our equipment and the round key to multiplying our firepower. The fight melee is also the same part it remains very basic. In short an effective gameplay but no real surprise.


Of course, being a PlayStation Rigs VR game, the question inevitably arises immersion. To our regret, we must recognize that the title of Guerrilla Cambridge is not the height graphically speaking. We noticed a lot of aliasing and sometimes rather blurry textures. The technology in its infancy with virtual reality but after all the lavish videos we had watched the various titles compatible, it must be admitted that the difference in terms of graphics is very important. However, there is absolutely no latency at the time to look right, left, up or down, the 360 ° experience is optimal. This is particularly important to target opponents, we must look at them in our viewfinder aligns them. A little assistance to the target still allows to gain in precision.
Despite very disappointing graphics, Rigs is a pretty fun and immersive way to go. While it will wait to see what direction to take the game Guerrilla Cambridge, the result is rather encouraging especially as the PlayStation VR is very ergonomic. It only remains to wait for the announcement of the price of this device, but that’s another story …