PES 2016 Free To Play Version: desperate attempt or genuine interest?

As we know, there are not as Call Of Duty and Battlefield, which are at war every year. It also includes two well-known players licenses and especially soccer fans. FIFA and PES, that of the other end of year duels on our platforms.


As stated in one of our news earlier, a version of PES 2016  Free, will appear on December 8th next. Offering content obviously relieved that the full game, so it will be possible to test the man who was on the PS2 generation, the king of football games.

If the approach is commendable, one wonders if the success of FIFA for many years have not led Konami to release a free version in order to attract players or simply return the mass of people, not insignificant, which migrated from Fifa …

Outsider and in the shadow of the title of Konami long, Fifa has imposed since the era PS3 / 360, its pace with a game, often calibrated but not without flaws. Not to mention the gameplay sometimes minor and sometimes major changes that have been proposed, but also and especially the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which has become, rightly or wrongly, important for EA but also for its fan base. There has see the many updates that affect the mode to be convinced.

Konami, meanwhile tried repeatedly to catch up without ever truly succeed, despite real progression in gameplay and in its content. Presumably the myClub mode equivalent of FUT which will also be included in the free version, which is anything but a coincidence. Because Konami has understood, that kind of mode is more or less bound to encounter some success, whether in relation to the community or for people who regularly broadcast their opening package on Twitch for example. Thereby benefit Konami free pub.

But beyond that, PES 2016 will he a real interest out version Free To Play or is it simply a strategy of Nippon editor to attract potential buyers? There is doubt when you see the contents of Fifa therefore, be it solo or online. Not forgetting an important base, the difference in gameplay between the two games, a mechanical that can take a long time to digest if we were a long time Fifa player … without forgetting the licenses point where FIFA is also leader .

In short, if it is always nice to enjoy a free version of a game, it’s more like yet another attempt by Konami to catch up, rather than proposing a genuine Free To Play with a certain attractiveness , Early response in a few days!