Need for Speed No Limits Game Review

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Technical sheet

  • Support: android (minimum 4.0.3)
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Type: Racing
  • Released: September 29, 2015
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Test performed on a Samsung Galaxy S6

If the end of this year will mark the arrival of the new Need for Speed on PS4 and Xbox One, EA intends to explore the world of mobile gaming with Need for Speed No Limits that should delight fans of the license … or not.
No Limits Need for Speed takes the form of a free2play. It bases its gameplay and progression rather conventionally player when we know a little series. Indeed, it is talking about street racing, so you should climb the ranks to become the “Number One” of the world of wild races. You will start with a vehicle called “base” among the 22 available. Whether shopping, merchants, garage … everything is accessible from the main menu which serves hub.
Level content, you have the Underground fashion that represents the scenario and that will make you move up through several missions divided into several chapters. Tournament Mode will save your results through the ranks, after completion of the tournament, a reward is given to you based on your results. Finally, you have access to the mode Car Series, a mode that unlocks races based vehicles you own.

Each race won will earn you a kind experience: PWR points. These will start a general level and unlock certain game modes like the tournament mode in your progress. It does not really useful except that each gain level you will earn gold which can also be purchased with real money. We also obtain fuel, this is a very important resource since each race you will spend for gasoline, and once your gauge fell to zero you have to wait to recover fuel before running again.

One thing that should delight RPG players and more generally the games loot. You will indeed tend to get various rewards at stake as pieces of equipment for your vehicles. The more you go forward, you will have more powerful vehicles to continue to climb the ladder. In this sense, equipment and cars grew separately, you will be able to improve on the one hand each piece independently as cars. You will also be able to spend your credits (the game currency) and gold to buy new parts via the market (where the choice is reduced) but also by the crates that contain random objects.
History of progress, a very successful permissive system is present in. It is very cost effective to meet the objectives sought to pocket PWR dots and gold.

As for the gameplay of pure racing, Need for Speed No Limits opts for a choice rather surprising. In terms of driving, you manage that direction, boost and drift nitra. We will never ask you to brake or accelerate. If the first few minutes in the game are more boring, the game becomes more interesting once the races get a bit longer with more challenge. We can say that the choice of leaving a part of driving the player is pretty well thought out. The precision touch screen gameplay is rarely effective. In addition, the game is able to provide good feeling of speed even if the General IA is (too) … basic.

Overall, Need for Speed No Limits holds up, it is rather pretty, the gameplay is compelling. Even when pestera that we should be connected to the internet to enjoy this game do not offer multiplayer.