Need for Speed: Graphical comparison PS4 VS Xbox One

In a video graphic comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of Need For Speed

Need for Speed does not fail to go through the box graphical comparisons between different versions consoles. These are our colleagues who published GamingBolt and analyzed the results. It seems that the PlayStation 4 release is as efficient but nothing much shouting. Certainly, Need for Speed is running at 900p on Xbox One (1080p Sony’s side) and sometimes accused some framerate drops but it does not prevent to live a pleasant gaming experience.
Furthermore, it would come as no surprise that a patch repair these minor quibbles. Need For Speed is always available through the Access and EA seems to have provided a substantial work on the customization of vehicles.
Need For Speed will be available from November 5 next Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and next year on PC.