The mods will be offered Fallout 4 for Free

The advantage of the PC and more power for the larger war machines are of course the famous mods. The community can give free rein to his imagination and we don’t take a risk by saying that Fallout 4 will probably provide by mods. While this may seem trivial, we now know reliably informed that the content created by the community for the community will be free.

Indeed, Bethesda had tried it a few months ago to propose paying for Skyrim mods through Steam. This practice was discredited and the case caused a stir, so the publisher had quickly put an end to this procedure. Since copies of the fourth installment of the Fallout saga already walking around in nature, it is not surprising that some leaks have emerged. This is the case of the image seen on NeoGAF (present in the gallery at the bottom of the article) which is the license agreement the title. It is clearly stated in the sentence level yellow:

The customizations made to the game (words) must be distributed free of charge only.
That is clear above all that consoles should also be entitled to the mods. Hoping that free will also be put on these media.
Fallout 4 will be available next November 10 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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