Modern Combat 4 Android Games

Modern Combat 4 – Modern combat mainly answer loft series “modern warfare” games console, but it managed to consistently make bombastic sense enough for a relatively low price. The game also improved with each new version, and, fortunately, this trend holds zero hours. It is available on Android and IOS. For this review, we use IOS version. This time, it was about a group of terrorists launched simultaneous attacks around the world and the kidnapping of the president. However, Modern Combat 4 still has an impressive piece, but luckily the mission contracted more and less frequent. Now there’s some ground and air vehicles can be ordered to disperse this game.

You can also play as liberators and terrorists alike for Modern Combat 4 Android. QuickTime event style also feels better integrated into the game now and less jarring. Campaign mode is fun for sure, but what in the end will make you return to the game for the coming months is the multiplayer mode. You can join the deathmatches 12 player or alternatives in collaboration with others in the development of objective-based. There are many variations to play standard eight in total and the map is very diverse.

Great graphics but Gameloft made clear some conciliation before the decision to keep the frame rate running relatively smooth rate. Even in the third generation, it does not run at the level of the Modern Combat 4 New Update You can see a lot of rough edges detailed, for example. This is not very annoying though and if you play on the smaller screen of the iPhone, it is likely to make it less visible.

A control is still a bit of a problem. There is a gyroscope that you can enable for movement because we felt it was more hassle than help. However, you are familiar with the standard touch control after a period of time, not as if “modern combat” first IOS per second is suffering this problem. The level of control and customization are very welcome scene just campaign allowed to enjoy single player Modern Combat 4 android gameplay. But this is the first “modern combat” no clear improvement over its predecessor. This is not fully polished and also should release from Gameloft.

modern combat 4 gameplay


A mode like its predecessor, 4 suites and free maps is by Modern Combat 4. It is also multiple local WiFi. This is in limited testing multiplayer experience pleasant and free of underdevelopment. Up to 12 players can duke it out in 8 and 8. Most multiple features take directly from a call of duty. Progress system rewards you for murder and other medals. The challenge system encourages players to get killed with weapons and special equipment. Players can customize their logo, tags and even killing the vote.

New modern combat multiple improvements are very welcome to stat tracking. Now dive into a complete history of the game to see the individual results and track various statistics multiplayer functionality. This is a very impressive suite of multiplayer mode and the option to download. That’s all about Modern Combat 4.

MODERN COMBAT 4: ZERO HOUR (Android Gameplay Video)