Mirror’s Edge tells us about his big news

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst due out May 24, 2016 reveals part of its gameplay

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Released in 2008 on the previous generation of consoles, Mirror’s Edge is apparently renewed and developers show us some of what lies ahead for this suite. The big news will be the grapple , named of ” rope MAG”  for: method of Global Anchorage. This “string” is thus directly connected to the glove Faith and it can be used on both the length and width, a little to the Just Cause.

This rope appears to be a central element of gameplay and game according to the producer, Jeremy Miller:

“When enabled, the MAG rope planning a carbon fiber thread, which wraps around some surveillance cameras. Swings add to the panoply of Faith movement; they transfer the momentum of his race in his swing. “

Moreover it is learned that the grapple can be improved to As the game:

“Initially, the rope only allows MAG to swing. Then Faith will meet people who will provide him upgrades for this device. “


Mirror's Edge

One reason for adding a grapple Fleith is that in addition to providing more varied gameplay possibilities,Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be much more open than the last, and so the addition of a grapple becomes necessary to the views of certain situations, to stay in realism , as says Jeremy Miller :

One reason is that the city is much more open. When you cross a highway, or even a fast track, the distance is such that we can not just jump over the obstacle. MAG rope will keep the realism and variety of the city while overcoming the distance jumps.

But we must remember that Fleith lambda is a messenger , well almost, even if it is equipped with gadgets last cries that make it more interesting:

It was very important to avoid the resemblance between Faith and a superhero. The rope is just an extension of his movements, and this is not what gives it its status of heroin.


Finally Mirror’s Edge Catalyst contain additional missions that  extend the lifespan and will complete the experience of parkour . Such as: billboards to skyscraper heights to tag. This is also expected to add more life to the game.