Miitomo: App Nintendo tested and approved?

Miitomo The application is available on the Japanese market. We had the chance to throw at us in the last few days, the opportunity to entrust our impressions.

miitomo nintendo

It is there, Nintendo finally launched in the mobile market with its first free application and proposed for iOS and Android devices . Decidedly, 2016 carries with it a few revolutions. Besides the era of virtual reality , we live in a time in which we can play with the Nintendo hero on our smartphones. Before this happen, by way of introduction, the Big N has made available today in Japan its first application, Miitomo.
We had the chance to test it, listen to its presentation, which allows us to deliver our first impressions regarding its functionality. Is the entry of Nintendo successful? If she will impose a devilishly demanding market? Can you have fun with your friends and the Nintendo community? True questions, it is time to discuss Miitomo.

miitomo nintendo mini  games
What we could do once the smartphone in hand and Miitomo under the eyes? We were able to answer many questions and we have, therefore, earned many pieces that will serve us then. Nintendo highlights that we can learn more about our friends (virtual or “real”) and that is indeed the case. It is possible to access other answers on the issues, ideal to insert some unusual responses or simply reveal the truth.
Obviously, your data is secure and any scoundrel can not access your information. Miitomo will know simply friends of hobbies, activities of the day, what he likes to eat and discover a ton anecdotes. Honestly, the application may seem childish, it probably is, but it also has this ability to land a small smile to the user regardless of age.

In the end, you choose your answers and gives you the choice to respond to your liking, with the serious tone, humorous or offbeat to your personalities. The application relies heavily on interaction and clearly depends on the enthusiasm of its users to play the game. the most creative minds attempt to show humor through their questions and we have no doubt that Miitomo can quickly be fun thereby.


Mini games of chance at happiness

MIITOMO Nintendo had a real work on the design of the Mii that do not just look at you. It reacts according to his mood and activity. Apparently, it shows very demonstratively. Moreover, he will not be content just to do the show in his living room; it will be possible to embark on a few mini-games, and one to which we had access was titled simply “Let Mii.”
The objective is simply to gather during the fall of your Mii some distilled batches between obstacles. For this, it will be necessary to manage the timing of your launch and especially to show very lucky. In the end, when one begins the fall, the suite is not our responsibility, follows the feeling of having no control over this mini-game. Once launched, we just pray the chance to be with our Mii, and he can stop on a platform on which rests the desired reward. At the bottom level, three boxes of sweets 2 and an element to customize your Mii.

miitomo iOs
To bind the parties, it will be necessary to have some in (virtual, do not worry). As shown in the picture, 500 pieces Part whatever the level, or only a ticket that is generated specifically for these mini-games. Meanwhile, the parts can be used to other things. Thus they symbolize the connection between the mini-games and other features of the game since it will be necessary to answer questions to raise money and opportunities to monetize portions but not only.

Queens of Shopping

MIITOMO As expressed above, the mini-game Mii Coward saves unreleased skins and unique to each game. Fortunately, it is not the only way to glean some customization objects. Nintendo has released a shop with a variety of outfits for her live downward Mii. to deliver a dose of style to the Mii, we can spend our parts in the shop accessed quite easily.
Who says clothes shop said necessarily micro-transactions. Nintendo wants reassuring in this sector. It has been repeated to us many times that the Big N objective was not to make money on an app that will be 99% free to play but to encourage interactions. Thus, the simple microscope transactions would mainly gain some costumes. Apparently, only the greatest collectors should give in to temptation. The vast majority of the application remains available to all users.
Nintendo promises many updates that should enrich the content of the application; it remains likely that the benefits in store. In any case, for the few times, we could dress our Mii with new accessories, it was pretty cool. We especially add cat ears, which, admittedly, gives a surplus of elegance to our Mii. Alternatively, just made it meugnon.

miitomo miifotos

The Miifotos, a gadget that will rage

The photo editor remains one of the greatest achievements of Miitomo application. It will take any picture of his gallery, add to a Mii, but also a multitude of elements. Nintendo does not want to be considered a social network but as a complement to them. The photo editor is the proof since it will be possible to publish their edited pictures of Miitomo and post them to Instagram and other social networks. The possibilities really are still numerous and solicit your creative mind.
Therefore, do not show surprised if, in a few days, you attend a wave of new profile photos including Facebook and Twitter. The photo editor actually has everything needed to please those who value creation images.
Our next amii?
Nintendo has been severely invested in the mobile market with Miitomo that could clearly qualify application and not the game. It could allow them to settle in the mobile sector, although the market is renewed so that n ‘there is no guarantee for the sustainability of the app over time. and time, it is he who will determine the success of Miitomo and determine whether public reception will have been a passenger. Anyway, the features should appeal to the launch.