Microsoft: revenge is the best dish served in cold

With the strong current from 24 hours on the side of Nintendo, you almost forget Microsoft and Sony. It was without counting on the first rather teasing and vengeful



Remember. E3 2013, Microsoft is plagued by sharp criticism of its policy on the Xbox One. There was talk at the time of the inability to pay its games xbox one to a friend. The second-hand market was also in the crosshairs of the American firm. In short, it was a rather complicated period, if not chaotic in terms of communication. Don Mattrick (Vice President of the Xbox business branch at at the time) would drive the point home by stating:

“If you don’t have Internet access, stay on Xbox 360”

And if Microsoft did not have enough of his vice president to scuttle Xbox, Sony, after his lecture with a certain quality as it had been years since we had not seen, would have fun at the giant troll American with a funny video as short as:


It is now almost two and a half years later that Microsoft is going to take revenge in a field or Sony seems to bother: backward compatibility. And because the Japanese manufacturer said there are only a few days that this possibility was definitely not in the agenda. It was enough for Microsoft to have fun of this situation with a vengeance strand (admittedly good-) barely concealed. Judge for yourself: