Microsoft wants the multi to 64 players on all platforms

Microsoft wants to “party” to 64 players to attract more players on Xbox One, but also on PC

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Currently limited to 12 people , online discussions ( ”  party  ” for the experts) will update this month onXbox One , for up to 16 players in the same party. But Mike Ybarra , head of programming branch of the Xbox, more is needed . Indeed, limited to 8 players only there a few months ago, Mike Ybarra wants the party up to 64 players. All this must be done in stages, and the update of this month which will increase 12 to 16 people online discussions, is one.

But what good is it to make these changes?

Mike Ybarra:

“I like to make that point particularly on PC where many of our players use the Xbox app with non-Xbox Live games”

xbox windows 10

Microsoft,  which is strongly attached to the middle of the multimedia and gaming, updates its chat service to  meet the demands of players :

“If you play World of Warcraft and you have 20 people with you, in this case there are many people who load the Xbox application. […] So I want to increase this number to meet the needs of gamers. J ande think it’s a good thing they use the Xbox app with all their games for free services we offer. ” 

This new strategy of Microsoft , which follows on the announcement of the Cross-Network  enables the US firm, which is already a leader in multimedia on PCs, win more in this area.

These ads suggest that Microsoft wants to bring the Xbox One PC and this through games and network services , in effect bringing the two communities will be a good thing for Microsoft is struggling to cope with Sony on home consoles .

Because in addition to sharing the same exclusive , the PC and the Xbox One share an architecturevery similar and that the same operating system (Windows 10), so it makes sense that a rapprochement is held. By moving to a system of online discussion to 64 players , a Microsoft break the barriers between PC and home console, but it’s not the only and the question is whether Microsoft will go after.