Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | A trick to regain what was lost

The latest patch as of MGS5: The Phantom Pain will allow those who have finished the game to find a very precious although it had disappeared. Spoiler Warning!



You know, if you have finished completely AMS Adventure 5: The Phantom Pain (if this is not the case, we repeat: Attention spoilers) that during the mission 45: An exit in silence, the charming Quiet little that could previously serve as comrade in arms, leave you unfortunately. A totally final departure, in the sense that after this mission, you can not take it with you on arid lands of Afghanistan and the Angolan and Zairian districts a little more green. Sad indeed, but fully consistent with the scenario.

Yes, but that: it was before! Indeed, the patch for MGS 5: The Phantom Pain released just today can bring back the beautiful. Anyone who lamented not being able to contemplate the generous curves of Quiet (but above all to enjoy its powerful arsenal) will therefore be able to find the bull by the horns. The method is very simple and will not ask you a small investment of time! To do this, nothing more simple, you have to replay the mission 11: Draped in silence, the mission where we discover Quiet, 6 times without taking the decision to complete it at the last moment. Therefore, the title of the mission in the selection menu will be marked [MEETING] instead of [REPLAY], a seventh game will allow you to retrieve it for good in your part of MGS 5.

We took the opportunity to give another little story that probably will interest the happy owners of very good guide of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain! You’ve probably realized by leafing there was nothing on the famous Mission 46. It’s normal, Hideo Kojima and his team have not reported anything on the subject to prevent leakage screenplay. This anomaly (understandably) is now repaired since Piggyback, who edited the guide, has posted the tips to the fateful mission. Just go to their site and download the file. To open the file, there is a password, it is simply the first word on page 304 of the guide (case sensitive). The two additional pages will be up to you, they contain the path for the mission of MGS 46 5 but also indications for access to a secret event on nuclear disarmament.