Mass Effect Andromeda: A Short Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda: A short trailer but not during the N7 Day, Bioware released a short trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda no image of the game tense though 

Today is held the N7 Day during which celebrates the license of Bioware: Mass Effect. Although the studio had said that we would have no new element to the next installment in the saga, we still have the chance to discover a new video of the game. However, do not expect the gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda but rather to a trailer emotionally strong and should vibrate many fans of the saga.
This extract refers to the space race of Man with multiple images of cosmonauts on the Moon and into space. Everything is narrated by Jennifer Hale that doubled female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. We let you discover the video without further ado and we have only a haste, quickly discover more about the game.
Mass Effect Andromeda will be available late 2016 PS4, Xbox One and PC.