Make Android Look Like iOS! (2016)

Make Android Look Like iOS! (2016)

This is it! Make Android Look Like iOS ver. 4.0! This video was in VERY high demand, so here it is finally! This is also my 100th!

Lockscreen – iLauncher – iNoty – Control Center – Keyboard – Camera –

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So the reason why people wanted me to make another one of these videos is because most of the apps from the previous versions of this video are no longer available on the Google Play Store. Why? Simple. They worked too well. They looked too much like iOS. When you first download iLauncher, most of the icons will look different from iOS, that’s because before, the icons were way too accurate, and it was practically a straight port of iOS. So now all you have left are a few of the lesser apps. However, GEAK Camera is great, iNoty has improved a lot, iLauncher is still smooth, and the lockscreen isn’t too shabby. I guess all you’re really missing is a decent Control Panel.

1st Background Track – “Marty Gots a Plan” from Incompetech
Intro Track – “Retro Future Clean” (Royalty Free Music)
2nd Background Track – “Jivetalkin’ by Weirddough
Outro Track – “Insight” by Haywyre