Life is Strange 2 Game is on the way

Barely finished the last episode that fans wondered if a sequel was planned. The answer has been given. Life is Strange 2 is on the way

It is through an interview with Alain Damasio (author of Remember Me and Script Doctor on Life is Strange) conducted by Alchimy that information was released.
As a result of Remember Me seems currently stalled, as stated by Damasio, that would block at Capcom, there is another license that will benefit (again) the work of the author: Life is Strange. The game in episode size will therefore make his return for season two.
No further details, be it at the time, the support (although one can imagine that the game so on the same platforms as the first season) or whatever else was available. It is not excluded that this information was confidential and even likely that Alain Damasio has “Bourdé” by the disclosing.
It only remains to be patient and wait for news of DONTNOD, the development studio of the game.