League of Legends: the 2016 preseason approach!

Just days away from the World Final, Riot Games reveals to us its goals for the season 6 of League of Legends.


The company has already begun work on Season 6 with some modifications to the power of objects and an update of “giants”, pursues its plan to make every part of League of Legends single, including aiming for the 2016 preseason shooters and their objects, media objects and vision, the input objects and an update of the master system.

Changing shooters

Riot Games highlights a point that many experienced players can confirm the lack of diversity among the shooters, the interest was focused on the potential damage, highlighting some shooters compared to others.
The studio provides, as it did with the “giants”, modify six shooters, namely Corki, Miss Fortune,

Graves, Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, and Quinn, who according to Riot Games, occupied the same strategic space, and enhance their uniqueness.
To do this, the team decided to work on two points: the impression given by the character himself and the way he interacts with his team, expanding the possibilities that the shooter may give his team go you choose Ashe for his crowd control, look for speed Sivir, or Miss Fortune for devastating combos?

Objects shooters

From that side, Riot Games decided to adapt the shooters objects based on the style of game they choose to adopt, while keeping in mind the goal of the shooter: do damage, regardless of the progress of the part. Here are some pictures illustrating what these new objects might look like:


Updating the master system and fundamental master

For this update of the master tree, Riot Games decided to give more impact to the choice of master’s degrees, which fell far more micro-optimization with interesting bonus but for most negligible.
The new master tree work in stages, at each level, the player will have the choice between three potential masters and the choice of the power it grants to this control. The importance and impact of master levels increase with: the tier 1 Masters will bring sympathies bonus, but not folichons, those Tier 2 power increase and finally those of bearing 3 (called “master key” will conclude the choice of play style. For example, an opponent to bleed to inflict bonus damage based on attack damage his or her power, run faster after inflicting huge damage to an enemy champion.

As you can see, this new tree will clarify the master system, to have a greater impact on the style of play of each player and diversify even more the possibilities of different champions.

Items of support and vision

The aim of the studio here is first to make even more teamwork vision and secondly to make it as more dynamic.
To facilitate the task team wishing to have a global view of the map, the cost of improving the relics Discontinued, if some were put off by the price to pay to have good vision, they now have no more excuses!
The bearing 2 support objects can now be improved by objects of bearings 3, in order to obtain active and cost-effective vision properties of stones.

Speaking of vision of stones they may become your best friends beings because Riot Games announces the removal of Tags camouflaged the shop. This will require the teams to rely even more on their roses Tags, but also on their vision or their relics blue stones.
The vision will never be as dynamic with the addition of a new feature: the “debris” tags. They appear when a beacon will fall and will allow players to analyze the habits of the opposing team, but also their own team, in terms of vision. The most clever players can adapt their strategy according to these habits.

The input objects

Here Riot Games underlines the fact that the “starters” were present standardized and they would benefit some more than others champions. The goal here is to offer real choices to players when their style of play rather than opting for global events objects stronger.

Regarding these “starters”, the studio uses all Doran “generalist”, providing interesting and balanced stats that you use the physical damage, magical or you orient yourself to the tanking.
The studio then introduced more “specialized” approaches with new objects, such as Feller, certainly providing less defensive stats that Blade Doran, but OP bonuses by killing enough henchmen. The player will have to choose what game style he favors or so remain on a general basis.

For items of survival, the studio has revised prices upwards care potions in order to make useful items in the short term, for the start of play.

For long-term survival, rechargeable potions are introduced, they may allow improved beings and diversify builds survival, which so far is centring the crystalline bottle and potions.

To remain consistent with the logic of starting objects that benefited some more than others champions, Mana Potions are deleted.
According to the champion who used them, their effectiveness varied widely, and were at odds with the work of the team to balance the mana cost functions in individual kits Champions:

“By removing the Mana Potions, we can better balance the costs of skills and mana regeneration stats, while harmonizing mechanical regeneration in League of Legends. ”
Here’s another glimpse of the new objects of this sixth season:



The Duchess is out

Do not go! Another surprise awaits you, especially for our toplaners friends.
For it is true that at the beginning of the game, the action takes place rarely on the side of toplane, teams focusing on the bonus offered by the Dragon, often a source of envy and epic fights. It is not unusual for a team toplaner feel isolated at the top of the map, low in action when the Dragon is not there, Baron Nashor are making an appearance late in the game, and often too imposing for a team wishing to compete in optimal conditions.
There are still details to be finalized, but toplaners will have to prepare to welcome their new neighbor on Summoner’s Rift.
We leave you with a little insight:


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