Killing Floor 2 ps4: The Patriarch is back soon

The Patriarch soon arrives in Killing Floor 2 ps4

Also in early-access, Killing Floor 2 still hosts the regular news updates. So, the next update should please the nostalgic players of the first episode since it is an old enemy is back soon: the Patriarch, boss of the first episode.

This time, the Patriarch has undergone some improvements, it is still fast, very powerful and will tend to flee to regenerate alive. Beyond the return of this old friend, the next update will bring two new maps, a new perk, six new weapons, a new character


6-player co-op Zed-slaughtering mayhem. In Early Access so we can get the gameplay balance perfected, to ensure the maximum amount of fun. And blood and guts.


Also note that the PS4 version of the title is still on track, Tripwire will also present for thePlaystation  Experience.