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Enjoy playing games on your Android phone? Have a passion for games and gaming and enjoy talking/writing about it? Why not join the team here at Andro Transfer! We are always looking for people who can bring something to the table here at Andro Transfer. Whether it is writing part-time/full-time, drawing a weekly comic strip or anything else you can think of, we have a spot for you.

We are still a young site but have grown ridiculously fast thanks to being the only site truly dedicated to Android games and gaming. With support from gamers and developers alike, we have grown so fast in such a short time and there is no end in sight. So let’s get down to business…

Here is what you will get:

Games to review sent right to us from the developers
Products to test out like the Game Gripper
Profile that is posted in each article with a link to your site/twitter account. All links to sites are dofollow links (if that matters to you)
Creative outlet to talk about games and gaming for Android
You’ll be part of a great team on the only site dedicated to Android gaming
Down the road these positions will eventually turn into full paid positions (We are all doing this out of love right now)
Currently working on some form of compensation whether ad revenue sharing or per article payment (working on those details still)
Get to go to conventions and shows with Press credentials such as CES, E3, GDC and more.

What we are looking for:

2-3 News Hounds. Your job will be to hunt down news regarding Android games and gaming whether it’s a new product, a game release or anything else that may include and write about it. We are also looking for people to post during the evening time especially.
1 dedicated interviewer. Your job will be to interview developers and product manufacturers in regards to their products and overall Android gaming.
1-2 columnists. In this position your job will be to write various articles with a more editorial feel to them as well as any other articles such as the Weekly Worst Game Review which we are bringing back to life.
2-3 Dedicated Game Reviewers – Pretty self explanatory as to what you’ll be doing.

Any of the above position are currently available right now. Also anyone who can do this during the evening would be great. So anyone interested in Europe or whenever (or if you are a nighthawk) definitely send in an email stating your interest and for what position!

Experience (preferred but not needed):

Joomla CMS experience
Writing experience
Ability to hunt for gaming news relating to Android
Minor HTML experience
Access to paid applications (really beneficial but not mandatory)

What you need:

An Android phone
Passion for games and gaming on Android
Passion for Android in general

We only focus on original content 90% of the time with the remaining 10% being general gaming information when regarding Android that is posted elsewhere if it’s relevant. We pride ourselves on being the first to break gaming news whether it’s a new game release, a new product or Android gaming news (example: Zeemote for Android, Game Gripper, Tetris DMCA notice, etc etc).

So what are you waiting for? Use our Tip Us! link at the top (red square with ! icon) or your can just click here to access the same form and send us an email telling us about you, your experience, what you want do to here at Droid Gamers and whatever else you want us to know and if you fit the bill then you’re in! If you don’t want to use the form you can always email us directly: androtransfer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Now is the time to join, we are growing incredibly fast and have a lot in store for the future including things like gaming competitions, more contests/giveaways and other fun stuff! We also accept guest writers so if you can’t commit but do want to write once in awhile, just send us the article and we will post it, full credit to you, your name as a contributor and a link to your site!