Ingress, New Adventure Games also fun besides Pokemon GO!

Niantic, which is a sensational game developers for Pokemon GO! Launches themed another augmented reality game called Ingress. As reported by AllThingsD, in this game featuring the real world through the camera of your smartphone. Players must collect virtual energy called Exotic Material (XM) by walking through routes that have been set.

This game is similar to Pac-Man game that collects small balls, but in a real world setting. Later the energy used to run missions scattered throughout the world. Just like Pokemon GO! Ingress players must walk following the map to collect energy. This power will be used to carry out missions that are spread throughout the world.

To play, Ingress players invited to choose one of two factions (camps) that Enlightened green and blue with the emblem Resistance. Ingress is a community game where players are required to meet fellow teammates faction. Players act as agent for the chosen faction. The mission must run the agent is to enable a series of portals in places such as libraries, museums to a tourist attraction.


Enlightened told activate portals scattered across the world to control the human mind on earth. While the Resistance are those, who try to prevent the Enlightened to activate the portal and control the world.

If you are a lover of online games such as World of Warcraft, then you will be interested in this one game. John Hanke as the former Director of the Geographic Google who now leads Niantic Laps say that Ingress has the concept of adventure like World of Warcraft. He is developing a start-up that has been developed entirely in Google.

Not only the concept of World of Warcraft are made Hanke inspired to create augmented reality games but also see people using their smartphones in everyday life. Not to mention the habits of gamers who are always in the room when playing games. Seeing these two factors, it creates Ingress where players are invited to adventures in the outside world.

“Through a smartphone, you likened hamster trying roam the maze,” said Hanke. This game is not always outside the house. Demi look overview wider area of play that you can see through the computer.

Ingress is still in closed beta can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store app store. You should get an invitation which can be obtained here. Did ingress bone thrill interested in? Watch the official trailer below! (AH)





Tips: Easy Way To Catch Pokemon Use Map Ingress

Before the collaboration with Nintendo, the Niantic known game developers create game Pokemon Go Ingress. There is a GPS-based game portal and Artificial Reality (AR) is the way to play like Pokemon Go. Reportedly utilizing Ingress maps, more easily able to Pokemon.

How that can quickly Catch Pokemon using a Ingress map  is not too difficult. First, plug the Ingress game that can be downloaded on Google Play and iOS App Stores store. So you can see that the portal at Ingress location that is almost similar to Pokestop and Gym.

Besides having Ingress portal also has XM Field. The indication in the form of white spots. This is not the same as the location Pokestop and Gym in Pokemon Go. Location XM Field is alleged to be a hunting guide for Pokemon.


By combining both the Ingress application and Pokemon Go, will more easily be able to Pokemon desired. Ingress just use the map to find a location, and then after I got XM Field, you just open the app Pokemon Go.

It is said that not all places XM Field capable of being indicators. But this saves time and energy, considering that walking around while powering applications Pokemon Go highly drain the phone battery.

How what you want to try the easy way to catch Pokemon? The important thing is to be careful when playing Pokemon, and watch your way around you!


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