how to get 5 builders in clash of clans

For starters, avoid using your 250 gems at the beginning of the game (it’s easy to say…lol)

You should know that the third worker cabin (builder hut) costs 500 gems, the 4th in 1000 gems and 5th in 2000 gems.
When you go up to 1250 trophy, the corresponding success (“The taste of victory”) will be done and you will win 450 gems. If you already have 50 gems (or more), the calculation is simple, you can buy your third worker shack.

Then try to complete a maximum success, regularly remove your trees, shrubs, stumps and chests of gems and when you have 1000 gems, 4th builder hut will be yours.


That sounds monstrous, 1000 gems, but it corresponds, for example, to:
15 chests of gems (375 gems)
25 mushrooms (≈ 125 gems)
25 bushes (≈ 125 gems)
20 trunks (≈ 100 gems)
20 trees (≈ 100 gems)
and 175 remaining gems, you will get through to success.

As for the fifth hut, you can save (long) but I can assure you that the more you progress in the game, the less you’ll need huts because the improvements are so expensive that it is rare to have 5 Builders Hut occupied simultaneously.
So in my view, 4 Builders Hut are largely sufficient.

Have a Nice Day Clasher!

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