Halo: all the History in 13 minutes

You really think a day without hearing about Halo? Come on…

It will have escaped no one (or almost): Halo 5: Guardians came out there are now more than two weeks. As usual when it comes to this franchise, the success was the rendezvous. Fans are numerous.

However, the release of each new album of existing franchises in recent years, some players, freshly arrived, they too want to try. Often, the fear of not understanding anything in the universe, the scenario and the issues of the saga is a major obstacle to throw headlong into an episode that is already the third, fourth or fifth album. A lot of websites exist to catch up.

Today is thirteen minutes of video that we propose to retrace the adventures of Masterchief. Nothing complicated here. Simply various phases of gameplay of the first game until Halo Wars 2 scheduled for the end of 2016. What to please the nostalgic and fill some expectations of newcomers.