GTA San Andreas on PS3 Tommorow: The list of trophies

GTA San Andreas is already back on Xbox 360 and PS3 will do the same, the opportunity to reveal the list of trophies that appeared recently

GTA San Andreas is set to make his return on PlayStation 3 a few months after doing it on Xbox 360. Hopefully you kept your old console to the hot well since one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto will be available soon December 1 on the previous Sony machine. To celebrate the occasion, we offer you a list of trophies  a Platinum Trophies to your showcase.

Platinum Trophy:

San Andreas Key: Unlock all trophies

Gold Trophy:

Journey’s End: Successfully End of the Line

True kingpin: Reach the maximum respect

Don Juan: Achieve maximum sex appeal

Lord Grove Street: Catch 30 territories

Silver Trophies:

A respectable business: Export the three car lists

The end of school: Complete a driving school

Serial offender: Please stop 50 times

What the city needs: Succeed 12 levels of self-defense

Savior: Succeed 12 levels ambulance

It remains a kitten? : Successfully 12 levels of firefighter

Yes I speak French: 50 races Taxi fashion

Time to lose: Watch the entire end credits

What happens in Las Venturas …: Successfully Yay Ka Boom Boom

Ready to San Fierro: Finish The Green Sabre

The murderer of Los Santos: Kill 4000 people

Public Enemy Number 1: Achieve a 6 star wanted level

Bronze Trophies:

It starts well: Succeed Big Smoke

Represents: Do yourself a Grove Street Tattoo

A helping tail: Earn pool

The American Dream: Buy a home

Pro of gonflette: Lift dumbbells and expand lie in gym

Pay ‘n’ Spray: Go to the Pay ‘n’ Spray with a search index

On two wheels: Successfully BMX defin or NRG

And my ass is chicken? : Win marathon Beat the Cock

Metrosexual: Purchase $ 6,969 of clothing, tattoos and hairstyles

A cross-train: Take the train between two cities

The tragedy of Santa Maria: Drown yourself!

It will be for next time: miss an assignment

Acting out: Make love to conquer

A probability history: Win the race office paris

All or nothing: Bet the maximum amount of red or black and win!

Assassin: Kill an enemy quietly