Game of the Year 2015: discover the undisputed choice Komestai

While some have been hesitant to choose their game of the year 2015, it was not my case at all! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is my winner, without any protest


Year-end forces, it is fashionable to turn one last time in 2015 to draw balances. As for the video game (it’s still about that in question here eh!), When I was asked what my game of the year, the answer is presented as evidence: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A multitude of explanations jostling at the gate to justify this choice, let me explain everything to you!

First of all, I do not absolutely deny it, I’m a fan of very long series of Metal Gear. Suffice to say that I expected this latest installment announced at a halt, and I was not hugely disappointed (but a bit anyway … we will return). First, technically, MGS V is a pure success. Visually, we take full peepers, the environments are superb, character modeling is impeccable, the expressions of the faces stark realism and the movement of the chest is hypnotic Quiet (we feel that there was work here -Dessus). Then in terms of gameplay, Kojima and his team have once again managed to carry their license even further by making it evolve again. Goodbye rigidity, hello fluidity. The former Kojima Productions (yes, there is the new now) stuck to the times by making her much more dynamic gameplay while managing to keep to perfection undercover notions. The Metal Gear saga has never been continuously transforming its gameplay Opus opus, very few other video game series have managed to renew itself in this way. Kojima has never rested on the laurels and achievements of its games, we can only congratulate him. Then of course all is not perfect technically, I think particularly in the clashes on crossing small mounds, but no one can claim to have reached perfection.


One of the other criteria that clearly leaning in favor of the Phantom Pain as my game of the year is his life. I’m not a big fan of games sold full price for a life of 10 hours and not even on this side 5 AMS has no problem.Personally, I am more than 300 hours of play and I always have fun on it. So yes, I hear voices that go yelling at me, “No, but you’re a fan! It is normal that you spend as much time on it! “And I will answer them …” Yes! “. But even a player much less fan will at the very least a good fifty hours to see the end of the end of the script (I want to say that there will not spoil in this article). Unless of course rusher like a marmoset, which would be a big mistake and that would go completely against the way the game was designed. Even after the flared history, the game still will suggest what to do: unlock all weapons, all code names, all parts of the emblem, improve its FOB and to attack those of others, etc … and I do even talking about MGO extra! Then all these additional activities may motivate the fans, I want to admit but I say bluntly: MGS V has not screwed up the face of the players on his life and I say hat!

The Metal Gear saga has always been conspicuous by its elaborate scenarios, always quick to get messages, MGS V in he does well in this area? Well not really, and this is where does my disappointment that I mentioned above. Warning ! I’m not saying that the scenario is bad, far from it, it reserves its share of twists and moments of slaps in the pear but it is much less dominant, more withdrawn in this component than its big brothers. It’s a shame, we will not hide it, but again this is the result of an evolution, and it was initiated in MGS PeaceWalker. Moreover, it amuses me people who say “Yeah … fractionated mission is not Metal Gear! “I want to tell them” Uh … have you played in Peace Walker before you say that? “. Underestimated, I think, the effect that has had on Peace Walker MGS V, I will not derive the subject … but yet there would be much to say. Going back to the scenario of Phantom Pain, therefore, I think it concludes the saga nonetheless good (although it could have gone further), the outcome and some of its implications have left me on the buttocks. So yes, we expected to see some bloated faces all … but Kojima he never gave us what we expected? No, he always took us opposite view and that is also why we love (or hate). The only real big downside is the abrupt way in which we arrive at the end of the story, but I think it stems friction between Kojima and Konami and that has pushed many things that m … ‘leads to another reason that make MGS V is my game of the year: the context.


For me a Metal Gear it was never just the game! It is also its context: the long wait, the trailers distilled such small bread crumbs. And at this level, MGS V was very strong. From the start with this big troll Kojima and Joakim Mogren teaser for its discreet MGS V. It was quickly unmasked by insightful surfers but who else in the JV industry, nor any other media can come to play with his fans this way? I do not see much … if not a person! Then the various trailers Phantom Pain were all sublime and strong as each other multiplying endlessly my expectations for this game. Finally, the saddest with this Kojimagate that shook the last months before the game’s release . And with the way he finished screenplay, MGS V has become, despite himself, the witness of these events. It is steeped in history, it is grounded in reality, as no game has done before him. So yes, the player “lambda” (it’s not pejorative) there is nothing to bump any of it, he will grumble a little sloppy on the side. But the longtime fan player, he will grumble … a little too (you can be a fan and some also aim huh ^^) but it will also feel moved by this involuntary testimony, and thus a little better accept what nevertheless remains the main criticism that can be done to AMS V. This is certainly how I felt me, we can totally call it bad faith in the end, yes. We feel in any case that it should have gone further, yet there is nothing … it’s a bit … phantom pain (no I do not say that everything has been done deliberately to break the 4th wall).

Anyway congratulations Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, thanks to your qualities and despite all your faults, you are my game of the year 2015!