Final Fantasy XV: New Demo and DLC announced!

Hajime Tabata has announced the upcoming release of a new demo of Final Fantasy XV. He also took the opportunity to say a little more about the DLC.

It is the producer of the game, Hajime Tabata, who announced himself to the magazine VGTime  a new demo of Final Fantasy XV was being prepared. It was during an event taking place in Japan that the demo should be revealed. To recall, the Jump Festa  (event that brings together several publishers of Japanese video games) will take place on 19 and 20 December next and Square Enix has made no announcement formalizing the presence of Final Fantasy XV at the show.

Mr. Tabata mentioned the desire that more players can have access to this demo (the first was supplied with “Final Fantasy Type 0”) which may suggest a public outing this time.

The producer of the game took the opportunity to speak about the DLC. He explained that downloadable content would perhaps emerge shortly after the game’s release without specifying its content. It has also not clear whether these are free or paid DLC.

Finally, Square Enix remains once again rather vague about the new installment of its flagship licensed and players are still awaiting an official release date. We’ll have to take his troubles patiently some time