Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud Strife is back!

Nobuo Uematsu is not working on musical compositions of Final Fantasy VII Remake


This was the most outstanding news of the year. During E3 2015, the unexpected Final Fantasy VII Remake was formalized by Sony and will land first on PS4. We did not have much information since but the players not wait until discover a gameplay sequence with the project. There is a good chance that Square Enix reveals more information at the PlayStation Experience but in the meantime we had a sensational announcement about the musical compositions of this remake.
Our colleagues conducted an interview with Nobuo Uematsu, composer of the saga. The latter was questioned by the French website that wanted to know if he worked on the remake, his answer is final:

Go and work in the remake of FFVII?
Not at all.

It is clear, clean and precise. The longtime fans may be a bit disappointed but it does not mean that musical compositions will be disappointing. Go late in the year for more information on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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