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FF xiv -2146697208 – This Heavensward version is great. With nine new areas (each 50-100% greater than anywhere in the game), the story line matches assets (A world reborn). There is plenty here to keep you busy for the next few months. This would be time well spent. This is a seriously impressive expansion of the already epic game.


If you’re not playing final fantasy x1v before, allow the detection of your subscription, you will have a fair bit of chasing to do. This may seem a strange choice since most MMOs allow you to move to new areas when the new expansion touches directly, but it makes sense here. It would be detrimental for the gripping story really is. Yes, it may seem a little daunting to get through, but the chance to play Heavensward.

The story begins Heavensward where it is legacy reborn. After the warrior of light, against the large primitive monster, revealed the deepest patch assian ( nature has not been completely revealed), dealing with the attack (not to mention allied problems that they deal with in their ranks). Final Fantasy 14 wasn’t a criticism, though. In fact, it is very fitting considering the gut-wrenching climax. Instead of trying to continue and no one even level of drama, the story takes a turn quietly easing you into the next chapter of the story where you find yourself making an unexpected alliance in your efforts to deal with the threat of the Dragon.

Heavensward is a new chapter for fans of final fantasy 14. There are a lot to see and do in the wild. New players have a great time to join to find out all about it. You have to catch the game before actually get Heavensward experience.  But you will find yourself having a happy story stands alone among the highest on the combo of “final fantasy FF xiv -2146697208” series. That’s all about Final Fantasy 14 ァイナルファンタジーxiv.


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