Far Cry Primal travel to countries of mammoths

Discover our test Primal Far Cry, the game that will make you go back in time to ride mammoths and draw carnivores!



  • Support: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher:  Ubisoft
  • Developer:  Ubisoft
  • Type:  Action, Adventure, FPS
  • Release Date:  February 23, 2016
  • Price: € 43.00/

Tested on PlayStation 4 with a version provided by the publisher.


Mammoth, saber-toothed tiger, missing only the lazy thinking to be in the next installment of the Ice Age, but it is not.One can even say that Ubisoft has not done things by half in this new installment in the franchise. True, this time quite a leap backward is realized, leading us in full Prehistory where you will enjoy the various activities of a man cave at the time: picking of different materials, bow hunting different animals, the explosion at clubbed many skulls … the simple pleasures of the good old days! In the skin of Takkar, old hero, so you should bring your tribe, the Wenja at the top of the food web. And it will not be easy.


A picture of rock art that we put in his eyes:

In Far Cry Primal, you walk in the Pays d’Oros: a very distant land full of treasures. The first of them: the environment. From the first moments, let yourself be carried away by the game. Oros universe proves to be an almost inexhaustible source of wonder with a bunch of views that will tickle lovers of nature and freedom. And you’ll get your peepers: the discovery of green valleys and dense forests, streams turn leads to falls and other charming lakes, icy, snowy lands of the North and many other lovely places, all with a generous nature, detailed, bustling with life and stretching to the horizon. What gives you stars in their eyes. Moreover, speaking of stars, the night will also be more enchanting. Basking in the dark, you can find the diffuse light of the moon to see where your feet take you or turn on your torch risking attract your enemies. The play of light will, therefore, show bluffing for an open world. Many times we surprised to contemplate the scene, forgetting that we were in the race to take an animal’s skin (or save us) ..

far cry primal oros

Speaking of animals, they will be many and varied (in addition to goats, deer, and other deer, there are also bears, many canines, yaks, but also badgers and of course, mammoths). They also have the same treatment and are detailed and have an excellent final result. As for humans, their accouterments or their gestures, not always assured, recall that we are in another era when a man was still seeking its place in the food chain.Question atmosphere is so flawless. In addition to the immersion even more complete, the teams have opted for an explicit language at your meetings with intelligent bipeds speech: two linguists have realized a new wording, a mixture of proto-Indo-European, which would the draft of the universal language of the time.Thereby subtitles for everybody to be also very well arranged: not too small, no worry for reading, not too big not to hinder immersion. Finally, squawking, distant screams, and various grunts quickly put your senses and set the tone on the way forward. Stealth will be your best friend, letting you litter in the surrounding vegetation to arm your best shot before you shoot your prey. And you will take the taste: hunting prehistoric way is good, and although redundant, it will please you (at least initially).


Equip yourself to go to the end:

Far Cry dates back 10,000 years ago, forcing the series (and we do not complain) to review its approach a tad, but not too much. Indeed, it is always a question of action for infiltration and even discretion to subjective, of free exploration of an open world whose contours are revealed as the outposts releases (we also salute the disappearance of the observation towers to climb to unlock all the activities of an area, Primal merely a smog card that only dissipates through exploration), a not always peaceful wildlife, and various missions to enhance their skills. But then, prehistory forces, no question of seeing contemporary elements that could be used in previous games, and up to the Paleolithic weapons. Nothing to say, this approach still gives new life to the Far Cry series.

primal far cry

Between shots in the silent bow and throws a stiff little spears, remote attacks (which will slow enough) often will end up with the club in violent hand-to-body shaking the camera in all directions. The readability is sometimes lost, especially when facing multiple enemies: the blows rain, bone crunches are heard, and we do not know that we face East. So we recognize the key Far Cry, where discretion is strongly encouraged. Primal is no exception, and we prefer a more deliberate attack, lurking in the shadows of a bush rather than darken cudgel in hand on the first enemy that you come across. Besides, if at first glance you can indulge your murderous impulses, you will quickly slow down by the fragility of Takkar against the power of some opponents.

Symbol of the series since its inception, the bow shall be your greatest ally, able to silence some of your enemies with a single headshot. But this will not be the only one: besides the first spears and clubs, you will also have the ability to unlock different weapons, so finding you have on hand carved flints, simulated grenades, slingshots … Everything that can be more or less improved agreeing even some fantasies a bit anachronistic. Also, the manufacture of arms and ammunition is done on the fly in a split second, even though it is in combat. It will nevertheless ensure that your pack contains the necessary resources for their creation.

But weapons are not the only ones that can be unlocked and upgraded since it is also the case of your skills.Throughout your adventure, you will, therefore, shape the characteristics of your character, to make a stronger stand Takkar, a furtive hair, quieter suspicion. In short, as much possibility to change your prehistoric man in the way that seems most relevant.

primal farcry

There remains the crafting which finds its true place in Far Cry Primal. While seeing a young American tourist cut a great white shark to make a grenade satchel might seem wacky, see a pro-magnon dismember an animal to recover the skin or bones for making his weapons is much less.

It came time to the Stone Age:

One thing is sure. The first ten hours operate quickly, with good humor the map, oh so fascinating, is also bustling with life, objects to crafter and mission. Taking hands is instinctive the interface with shortcuts to various weapons you have designed, animals you tame and care that you made. All bathed in the joy of discovery and the ramp up of our hero gives damn urge to explore the Pays d’Oros. Of course, you can always perform optional tasks that appear in abundance, or to hunt wolves, bears and mammoths, just to collect a lot of resources vital to your success. We forgive even some small problems IA which is not always very alert, especially in the fighting body to body.

But once some abilities acquired and the main plot more and more advanced, it is true that a certain routine set. No real rebound or antagonist scoring, but missions (although very different) are repeated, built on the same patterns giving way to a slight redundancy. Apart from the followers of the 100% that really will have something to find their own, some will not find much of interest to widen once completed the main quest, for which you will rely upon 15-20 hours maximum . Especially since everything is done alone.We also regret that the cooperation that was found in Far Cry 4 was not transcribed in this opus. Far Cry Primal remains a good experience, tribal, violent and exotic, but we would have liked with hair (mammoth?)Of more frivolity.


Master of nature or slave to his thank you:

As for the script, the stage is set right from the start: we are 10,000 BC, early Mesolithic. It is a wild time, primitive and ruthless. From the first seconds of the adventure, you find yourself in the skin of our hero,Takkar. Your first mission is to hunt a mammoth isolated young of the flock with members of your clan (when one learns the basics that will guide us throughout the game).

far cry primata

But homo sapiens soon find themselves attacked by a saber-toothed cat. Everyone goes there except Takkar.This passage is bloody, violent and even shocking. The atmosphere is given. The hero, trembling and recovering just, was entrusted with the last fire his friend’s wishes: Directions to Country Oros, find the members of the tribe Wenja scattered and gather at a point where they can finally flourish. It is here that starts his adventure, our adventure. A struggle to survive in a hostile environment with the hope of finding his tribe and help them move towards a better future. But here you are facing a bone: of other clans, and Udam Izila, who consider Wenja as fragile and that will make you quickly understand what the word “wild” means. They see another human is at best an enemy at worst an opportunity to celebrate with a good meal. In these conditions, and to avoid cannibals, we will soon to make some rudimentary weapons to defend a minimum, not without still keep his distance. It will, therefore, refuel resources. Plants, trees, rocks and clays, meat and, of course, animal skins will come to your rescue for you to get out of the crouch, almost mandatory to start if you want to progress without mishap and the possibility not to scare game or draw a predator. Can you evolve Takkar so it fills his quest?


Cro-cute allies:

To gain clout, he’ll have to make specific companions kinds of lieutenants, who thereby develop your tribe.They will be recruited, requiring you to perform dangerous missions sometimes, other times almost moving, while some cause you hallucinations ( Far Cry needs) to gain their trust. Thanks to them, you can access new skills and varying approaches to the enemies that you will face. But that’s not all, it will also help them settle in dignity in your tribe by providing the necessary resources for the construction and improvement of their hut. Despite actual main plot, but not always very inspired, Primal develops a rich adventure that everyone will develop as it sees fit.


Other allies that bring in innovations in this Far Cry Primal are animals. In fact, besides hunting another important point emerges, it lies in the relationship that the protagonist can create with some dangerous species of the Pays d’Oros. For this Takkar (after unlocking a skill of one of the protagonists of the tribe) , should just throw bait.

approach the animal in full meal, and according to his degree of affinity (heavily dependent on skills unlocked) can approach squatting and taming felines and canines, bears and other wild animals that you may encounter in this prehistoric world. The then here with a furry companion who will obey the finger and the eye . And while your comrade fours can lose the life, resuscitation is possible with particular skills in gathering and care. Apart from targeted attacks, the more robust will also scare other predators and even serve as a mount.

far cry primal games

The sniper and the twins are not relevant in this album; you will have a bird of prey capable of doing the tracking, mark enemies and even drop bombs or carry out deadly bitten by the skills you unlock.


Prehistorically your

Ubisoft took the crazy bet to implant the world of Far Cry at the time of the Mesolithic. And we can say that it is rather successful! In the skin of a cro-magnon, you will help your tribe prosper and move towards better days, where the fear of other predators will not. Defeat the other two-legged carnivores tame, riding mammoths. Despite some anachronisms, the whole universe of the Paleolithic rather well transcribed into an extraordinary adventure. Some regrets, however, reside in the redundancy of certain quests and the lack of frivolity to the main story. But freedom of the map and the rise of your character allow you to live and experience it again another time to know the aspects of that era that are found only rarely in video games.




  • 👍 Prehistory in the center of the adventure, it changes.
  • 👍 Art direction the hair.
  • 👍 An immersive atmosphere and neat.
  • 👍 A dialect created especially for the game.
  • 👍 A gigantic playground.
  • 👍 The crafting that is a real place.
  • 👍 The hero’s growing power as the village.
  • 👍 Animals to tame and ride.
  • 👎 AI bug.
  • 👎 Effective history, but shy.
  • 👎 Redundancy missions.
  • 👎 Lack of cooperation.