Fallout 4 Gameplay and Review

 Game Review of Fallout 4

Technical sheet

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Developer / Publisher: Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks
  • Type: FPS / RPG
  • Release Date: November 10, 2015
  • Price: € 47.90
  • Test on PlayStation 4 from a version provided by Bethesda Softworks


Highly anticipated by the public, Fallout 4 officially celebrates today the release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So it took almost 7 years for Bethesda Softworks to give a suite on the 3rd opus, without missing a detour to the box The Elder Scrolls V still in the Action-RPG style. The question is whether all the communication and the enthusiasm around the post-apocalyptic game was deserved or it carries with it some disappointments. It’s time to send you our test Fallout 4.

More than a simple quest, a painful odyssey

Like his predecessor and Skyrim, Fallout 4 abounds in multiple quests in addition to the main storyline, which have a direct relationship with the background and behind the scenes. Everything is set up to present a coherent story but especially poignant, that of a man who, after 200 years of cryonics, goes in search of his son in the wasteland of Boston in 2277.
Once out of his shelter, he discovers a city plunged into chaos, her neighborhood became deserted and scattered population groups. Some plunder and massacre everything in their path, the other trying to organize themselves in order to regain some quality of life, anarchy reigns in the streets, the authority hardly finds a place and you, you wander into a hectare hectare looking information. While there is an area where Fallout 4 excels is in the art of setting up a credible decor, everything a world as vast as rich in which each community tries (over) living in what became daily, just as dangerous as irradiated environments.
Nothing was randomly placed, lost farmers in the middle of nowhere up the brotherhood of steel ready for a fight to restore some order, through Ghouls. Each uses own personality,  own goals but almost all the “tribes” resent the same enemy, the Institute. The “bogeyman”, which covers all suspected, the person against whom it will fight during many journeys often in combination with occasional allies. This also contributes to the richness of Fallout 4 is the experience of each individual on your way, that you lived a happy tale if you ask him, which helps you to contextualize the events that took place during your cryonics. Beyond the past, each dialog will reveal the feelings that dominate caller. For some, it will distrust in others distress, anger, claims and it often ends up your will (or not) to help solve their problems. Thus, quests are many and will be varied.

Living or Surviving before live before?


Still puffy flies, types of Radroaches, brahmin, wild ghouls, flayers, super mutants, and more or less –other Many human enemies Will stand in your way. Yet it is not just about survive while seeking your offspring. It est aussi importantly to prepare for the Future of a community, a bright future as irradiated.
One of your first quests Will rebuild Hills Sanctuary, your home district That Will Accommodate new residents. You Will help build a life There in the long term for all comers. The past is a big share of the accounts by the present is precarious and worrisome to you to make the future more bearable Starts Then … Somehow your mason change of heart. Customization options Were already very advanced as regards the design of your character at the Beginning of the game, building the interface Follows la même path. That Said, do not think you learn as Easily as in The Sims contents, each generation requires resources. More ambitious your projects more essential Elements Will Be Will Be rare. Electricity, drinking water a minimum, comfort, agriculture … Bethesda HAS thought of everything. To help you reap the Necessary, a large place is occupied by recycling. Yes, Fallout 4 still HAS That Little green side being white after-atomized.
Even better, every actions you take affects the moral and the respect of others Towards you. In this case, Improving the daily life of the habitants of Sanctuary, Some People Will Be grateful. Warning, the goal is not to make the area an enjoyable instead Beverly Hills. By Installing an environment less painful for the survivors, you optimize the chances of survival. Indeed, as you go up the moral of the troops by Fortifying your city. Build walls to protect Themselves, install turrets and sentry posts to reassure, hedges and replace damaged equipment and so on, It Will keep you occupied for a Few hours. This Will Especially sustain a qui up in a community is born.


Indispensable companions

The more you walk the wastelands of Boston, the more you are likely to come across NPCs, secondary characters with whom you interact. In Fallout 4, they play an important role in the pursuit of your quests, but not all do an appearance to let you in on a mission. You’re probably not missed out on Canigou, best friend of your hero. In addition to being a faithful ally against those who attack you, it is able to track your enemies by sniffing their odors, relieve you of a certain weight so you do not get too crowded. Canigou is very responsive to each situation and often mark the enemies before you perceive them, it is a very good teammate. Besides, the dog’s offensive enjoy some animations that make it more realistic in terms of the movements. He is not content to jump to his opponent to take away points of life, he attacks his opponent intelligently to his ankle, making him fall backwards. Attending for the first time to the scene, it’s hard not to appreciate and praise the work of developers. Small problem if one quibble, but it drags (too) often in your legs and sometimes makes them less fluid movements.
Nevertheless, Canigou will not be the only companion to help. The Brotherhood of Steel is still the party and a soldier can help you in your adventures. Simple as mercenaries offer their services in exchange for a certain sum, a journalist in search of truth and a Nick Valentine that you should appreciate. A little tip, yield them some weapons, they will use them to rob and become formidable. What is particularly amusing is that this is not mere killing machines but human beings with their own characters and often personal tirades. This will allow you to have your preferences and to abandon others.
By cons, we found annoying the enemy rushes priority to your friend (Canigou poor shot at Stimpak) and you leave it to adjust them remotely. While this mechanism has probably been set up to facilitate the gameplay but is contrary to the spirit of brotherhood. Ok, maybe we quibble yet.
We have been slow to introduce it, but you all know, the Pip-Boy available by pressing the O key (on ps4) or B (Xbox One). A multipurpose gadget that will follow you throughout the post-apocalyptic adventure. It is primarily used for inventory in which are recorded all your objects and their characteristics. This concerns your weapons, ammo, your healing items and bric a brac. With it, you’ll know how much weight you are in surplus, what made you go in slow motion. You will be able to view the map and the list of your various missions. The interface is fairly clear and you will adapt quickly enough to this valuable tool. Similarly, it is from the menu that the various bonuses and skills to unlock. For example, the Pickpocket asset will allow you to place explosives on enemy to disintegrate nicely. Enjoy a point after each level, enough to develop the field of your choice Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck, everything that makes you special.

The evil flowers

The radio host would have a place in the indispensable companions of the hero. Once activated from the Pip-Boy, he beat your walks with perfect playlist. The soundtrack is simply nuclear … What up listening Rocket 69 Crawl Out Through The Fallout, The Wanderer … while exterminating vermin. The selection brings a lot of sweetness and melancholy in a ruthless world.
But Travis does not shine only by the playlist, but all the signs of despair he has shown, which has the power to get you a smile and allows you to reduce your dose of stress. It seems alone in the world but still aware of the various events held in Boston. Thus, it is used as a dispatch informed as shootings and recent clashes in which you participated.
A quirky and humorous tone that is welcome in the mood more or less dark Fallout 4

Boston between ruins and wealth

What strikes the player after a few dozen hours of play, it is the wealth of the map of Boston. It would not have been appropriate for Bethesda to offer an environment decimated by nuclear bombs so empty, and do focus on 4 or 5 locations. Traps avoided since Fallout 4 designers have distilled the elements in each plot the map, emerges a highly interactive world and often paced game sessions. On one side, we have rural scenery in which we trample soil landfills, farms, abandoned houses, empty gas stations. On the other, we discover as large as dangerous cities, other less widespread, but where conflict still exists. For example, when asked to go to Diamond City, you learn very quickly that the appointment is given to the heart of the region. It then becomes difficult to achieve since it is necessary to survive dozens of hectares filled with irradiated and looters.
Apart from communities that have come together, we see various scroll infrastructure, libraries cemeteries, parks factories … What must be emphasized is that it is a real open world. Other licenses like Batman or GTA offer carefully made designs but lack depth in that 3/4 of the buildings are not exploited and impossible to reach. Fallout 4 preferred to build on this rich and offers the pleasure of exploration. One enters the buildings the ball in the stomach and relieved by fate.
Besides, explore these buildings is not easy. Some missions require you to go flush out the enemy in a specific infrastructure. Think not reach the goal after crossing five or six rooms, think at least three times, and each zone has a share of dangers, among traps, turrets and soldiers. Do not forget to regularly save your game to avoid losing your progress after each area.

While the game does not shine through extraordinary visuals but we were warned, the work focused on the merits and not on the surface side of the decorations. That said, let’s be honest, it’s still nice to see a crumb horizon of a hill or crossing streets haunted by ghouls and creatures ready to dismember you. Better yet, the game does not necessarily implements fighting in which you are directly involved. Sometimes different clans fight against each other as well as animals. The situation is so flattering to Boston, the city is in constant interaction and does not need your presence to show the chaos.
Another sign of his wealth, the information that swarm in the terminals, a kind of computer in which are transcribed some accounts allowing you to learn more about the place. In addition to the stories told by NPCs that are based each on their experiences, you are entitled to a second layer delivered by the machines located here and there. Some will be hacked to access it and complete your card, let others make new allies, robots on which it will not take by mistake if they turn against you (oops!).
While the interaction with humans all over the map is very thorough, one with simple objects shows some limitations. From the first scene, we are immersed in the family bathroom. It is impossible to see his reflection in the mirror, turn the shower or the toilet and the only possible interactions are to open and close the doors. It would have been nice to see an animation when one eats some chips, meat or drink. But perhaps quibble, Especially that the house has many everyday items and we can even hear the sound of the air conditioning and washing machine, which is rather nice.

A great gaming experience but not without flaws

It was essential to evoke the sensations joystick in hand last as they are determined by what we have detailed above. There is no doubt that the pleasure will be the rendezvous for many of you. However, Bethesda has not delivered a perfect copy, and this time, we do not quibble.
One can already find some visible flaws in Skyrim. The bugs are not counted on the fingers of the hand. Some technical inaccuracies we note a écorcheur that merges with the concrete floor when the grape, an enemy body that is clinging to your skirts and deprive you of some features, white 5 to 10 seconds during a discussion with NPC, the drop in framerate sometimes disturbing (pending the patch), and some slowdowns. We even got to be stuck in a corner behind a parasol, which forced us to play kamikaze. That said, if the graphics do not have anything to slaps, character modeling is nickel and presents a great bunch of different faces.
That said, these defects Fallout 4 have no significant effect on gameplay that relies on mechanical bright. You will need to manage constantly between the radioactive environment, addiction to drugs that allow you to manage radiation to treat you or to boost your skills. Hundreds of quests promise to keep you busy for weeks. They do not seem repetitive and this is probably due to screenwriting work consequently on each and care given to the different characters of the game. Without spoiler you, you should be surprised at the size that taking certain axes of the history (the cuckoo Brotherhood of Steel).
Likewise, we enthusiastically welcome the improvements in the VATS which no longer stops time but slows down allowing you to choose which body parts you want to target. As barter, crafting takes place in a real gaming experience, whether for your city but also in optimizing your weapons. Using materials found everywhere, you can make your most lethal equipment. Your armor brings you comfort surplus and will be customizable in various ways. You can cross rivers with is a very nice and rather practical thing.
As a bonus, Bethesda has even inserted some retro mini-games, the first found in the shelter is a wink to a well known character in the video game.



Bethesda has not broken the promise to offer a title with an indisputable wealth, an open-world worthy of the name. Obviously, the graphics are not worthy of the current generation of consoles but Fallout 4 shines in many other areas. Walk the wastelands of Boston with Canigou and others, discover the experience and personality of countless NPC, all with delightful music brings an undeniable joy accustomed to the genre



LIFE 9.5




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